Source: Morgan City Review


Flag at Brashear

            In the issue of Sunday, March 20 of the New Orleans States, appears an article by John P. Coleman, which includes clippings from the Delta, a newspaper published at the Crescent City in 1861. A portion of the article is devoted to the town of Brashear, now Morgan City.
Brashear, a prominent citizen of Brashear City, now Morgan City, writing the Delta January 13, had this:
“The Pelican flag floats to the breeze, and waves its welcome over our quiet and beautiful city. At 3:30 o’clock it glided gracefully from the hands of our worthy citizens, Captain Kerr, and before it reached the peak, a salute was fired and three heart-stirring cheers given for it. Fifteen guns were then fired in honor of the Southern states. These were followed by a salute for noble Louisiana, and one for each of the Gulf Sates, who have taken prompt and decisive action. The last salute was given for our gallant parish and its well-known delegates, Leclerc Fusillier, John Olivier, and Washington Smith. It floats quietly, like a dove resting upon her wing, waving its beautiful folds over the heads of brave men—men ready for action, ready to protect the interests of Louisiana and of the South; men ready to throw off the yoke of Northern oppression, and declare themselves a free and independent people.”
Dr. Brashear went on to say that for a time the result of the election was feared, but the news from New Orleans was most reassuring. The number of votes cast at Brashear City and at Berwick City on either side was one hundred and eighty-six, the Secessionist majority being fifty. The average official vote of the parish received up to the time the letter was mailed, was four hundred and forty-eight for immediate secession, and four hundred and twenty for cooperation. The parish of St. Martin gave immediate secession a majority of five hundred and the town of New Iberia gave one hundred and sixty-two out of one hundred and sixty-eight votes for the same cause.
Closing his communication to the Delta, Dr. Brashear said:
“We rejoice at the result and behold with unspeakable pleasure the waving flag of our beloved state. When Louisiana’s choicest sons shall have met in council at Baton Rouge, may our flag, with its beautiful emblem, wave in triumph from the capital and guide them in all their actions.”