YSC Welcomes Associate Historians

            The Young-Sanders Center is pleased to announce our new Associate Historian Program for our members and the general public. Our YSC Associate Historians will assist with questions from our viewers concerning the War Between the States in Louisiana. If we don’t have answers for your questions we will attempt to help you network with someone who may assist you. We sincerely welcome Christopher G. Pena, Steven M. Mayeux, and Charles E. Pearson to our Young-Sanders Center Associate Historians program. For quick access to our Associate Historians, go to the box on our home page entitled Associate Historians and click on the name of the historian to email your question.


Christopher G. Pena

            Christopher G. Pena is associate professor of nursing at Nicholls State University, Thibodaux, Louisiana, and a registered nurse at Thibodaux Regional Medical Center. Pena has a BA degree in history from Nicholls State University. He has written four books related to the Civil War in Louisiana, Touched By War: Battles Fought in the Lafourche District (1998), The Times and Journal of Alice Farmer: Yankee visitor to Acadiana-New Orleans (2001), General Butler: Beast or Patriot-New Orleans Occupation May-December 1862 (2003), and Scarred By War, Civil War in Southeast Louisiana (2004). He is contributing author to America’s Civil War and has edited two Civil War related correspondences that were published in the periodical Louisiana History. He resides in Thibodaux with his wife and youngest daughter. To learn more about Christopher G. Pena’s latest publication email him at chris.pena@nicholls.edu


Steven M. Mayeux

            Steven M. Mayeux is a graduate of Louisiana State University in 1972. His work as an agricultural consultant in the central Louisiana area for the past thirty years has given him a greater appreciation for the history and geography of the lower Red River. Steven is a former Marine officer. He is the President of the Friends of Fort DeRussy since 1994. Through the years Steven has been involved with numerous Red River Campaign Tours to convey his knowledge of the history of the region. His most recent publication is entitled Earthen Walls, Iron Men: Fort DeRussy, Louisiana and the Defense of the Red River. To learn more about Steven M. Mayeux’s latest publication email him at admin@fortderussy.org



Charles E. Pearson Ph.D.

            Dr. Charles Pearson is a Senior Archaeologist with Coastal Environments, Inc., an environmental consulting firm headquartered in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. From 1979 to 1997, Dr. Pearson was Director of the Cultural Resources Division for Coastal Environments and was responsible for its overall administration and management. A native of Georgia, he now resides in Appomattox, Virginia. He received his Bachelors Degree in archaeology from the University of New Mexico and a Ph.D. in archaeology from the University of Georgia. He has conducted archaeological research on historic and prehistoric sites in the southeastern United States for over 30 years. These projects have included studies of prehistoric sites in coastal Georgia and historic plantation sites in Louisiana, Texas, Arkansas, and Mississippi. One of his specialties is maritime history and archaeology and he has conducted studies of a number of shipwrecks in Louisiana and the Gulf south. These have included the wreck of an eighteenth century Spanish merchantman in Louisiana, which resulted in a book published by Louisiana State University, and the wrecks of several Civil War-era vessels, including the Union ironclad Eastport, lost on Red River in 1864, the Confederate gunboat Arrow, and the transport steamers Ed. F. Dix and Homer. Dr. Pearson has published a number of articles in professional journals on this research. To learn more about Dr. Charles Pearson’s latest publication email him at cpearson@coastalenv.com