Microfilm Collections From the National Archives Rebel Archives And Confederate Vessel Papers

       Young-Sanders Center just acquired a considerable amount of microfilm from the National Archives. The Louisiana State Government Records of 1850-1888 commonly know as the “Rebel Archives” and the Confederate Vessel Papers are the most prized portion of the recent acquisition.

          The Louisiana State Government Records of 1850-1888 (Rebel Archives) are 24 rolls of microfilm of certain records of the Louisiana State Government for the period 1861-1865 with a few items dated in the 1850’s. Most of the records are for the first two or three years of the war. They were presumably included among State records surrendered at Shreveport, Louisiana, in June 1865.

          The Confederate Vessel Papers consist of 32 rolls of microfilm publication are papers pertaining to vessels of or involved with the Confederate States of America “Vessel Papers” from 1861-1865. Most of the original papers reproduced in this microfilm publication were created by the Confederate War and Treasury Departments. After the war the records were among those of the Confederacy that came into the U.S. War Department custody.

          Additional microfilm collections acquired are as follows:

    • Official Civil War Battle list of 1861-1865, 2 rolls
    • Confederates Captured at Vicksburg, Mississippi, July 4, 1863,
      1 roll
    • Confederate Naval and Marine personal records, 7 rolls
    • Register of Confederate soldiers, sailors, and citizens who died
      in Federal prisons and military hospitals in the north 1861-1865,
      1 roll.
    • Register of flags captured or recaptured by Union Troops 1861-  1865, 1 roll
    • Mathew B. Brady Collection of Civil War photographs, 4 rolls
    • Robert E. Lee, selected military service records, 1 roll
    • Union Soldiers index to compiled service records of volunteers who served in organizations from the State of Louisiana, 4 rolls