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Military Records of Louisiana Confederate Soldiers and Louisiana Confederate Commands

Volume I, Introduction, Battles & Units

Compiled by Andrew B. Booth,
Commissioner Louisiana Military Records, 1920

Volume 1

Alphabetical Roll of Such Official Records of the Individual Confederate
Soldier, as are to be found in United States Records, and State Official

Compiled by Andrew B. Booth, Commissioner Louisiana Military Records.

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By A. B. BOOTH, Commissioner Military Records.

It is reasonably certain, that there is not extant a complete and perfect record of the Individual Members of any Louisiana Confederate States Army Command.

The nearest approach to such a Record is to be found in the Records in the Office of the Commissioner of Louisiana Military Records, of such Organizations as served in the Army of Northern Virginia, where the discipline was, perchance, best and where the Muster Rolls and Reports were more promptly and regularly made.

These Records do, however, furnish many thousand proofs of Individual Soldiers complete and perfect, in establishing their devoted Service to their Country to the end of the Strife.

Patriotic Men, who were either Killed in battle, Died in Camp, or in Hospital, Languished in-Northern Prisons until after the Fall of the Confederacy, or were duly present and Paroled, at the final Surrender of the Confederate States Armies.

It is a lamentable fact, however, that a very large number, many of whom had served with honorable records, to within a short time of the close of the War, were absent without leave, at the final Surrender of their respective Commands, and therefore, were not included in the Rolls of those actually Surrendered and Paroled: their Orderly Sergeants very properly not reporting them for Parole.

These are themselves to blame, not the Parole Records, for their not being in the Parole Lists, with their former Comrades in arms.

And the plight of such as these as were in the Trans-Mississippi Department is aggravated by the fact that at the Surrender of General E. Kirby Smith May 26th. 1865, it is said the Confederate Records including the Muster Rolls, were Burned at Shreveport, La., so that there were no Records left to even show their Service up to near the time of Final Surrender.

Thus the whole burden of proof is thrown upon these absentees. This condition of absenteeism is fully established by many Official Records and Papers, not only for the Louisiana Soldiers in the West, but also for troops in other Sections of the South.

This condition gives additional luster to the loyal service of those noble men, whose devotion to duty and to Country, nerved them to stand the final test of Soldierly Honor, and while their Comrades were deserting from duty, and from them, yet stood firm and did not lay down their arms, until they could do so honorably and deserve the Parole, which is their Certificate of loyalty, faithfulness, devotion to Country, and to their enlistment Oath.

These conditions are described by Officers in Command, some of whom I quote below, especially to show conditions in the Trans-Mississippi Department as follows:

Head Quarters Trans-Mississippi Dept. Shreveport, La., April 21st, 1865.

Soldiers of the Trans-Mississippi Army:

You possess the means of long resisting invasion. You have hopes of succor from abroad protract the struggle and you will surely receive the aid of nations who already deeply sympathize with you.

Stand by your colors maintain your discipline The great resources of this Department its vast extent, the numbers the discipline, and the efficiency of this army will secure to our Country terms, that a proud people can with honor accept, and may under the Providence of God, be the means of checking the triumph of our enemy and securing the final success of our Cause.

E. Kirby Smith, General.

Houston, April 29th. 1865.
Brig. Gen. W. R. Boggs ; Chief of Staff, Shreveport.

I must have some reliable Cavalry; the little I have is scattered all over theState Walker ought to be under my command We must have unity. The men aredeserting by tens and twenties a night.

J. B. MAGRUDER, Major General, Commanding.

Headquarters Forces Front Lines, May 11, 1865.
Col. R. L. Capers, Commanding Fifth Louisiana Cavalry:

I am, Colonel, yours respectfully,

J. L. BRENT, Brigadier-General Commanding.

Headquarters Forces Front Lines, Alexandria, La. May 13th. 1865.


(Through Col. W. G. Vincent, Commanding Brigade, &c.)

COLONEL: I regret to learn the sad demoralization of your command, but I take pleasure in expressing to you my conviction, that you have done all in your power to check it. I wish you to proceed with the debris of your Regiment to Mansfield to report to Brigadier-General Baby. If you can cross Cane River at Monett's Ferry, you will proceed via, Natchitoches. If not, you can turn off to the right and go by Beasley's, Bellwood, Fort Jessup and Pleasant Hill. If on reaching Beasley's, you deem it advisable for supplies to march via Natchitoches you can do so, but this will be near fifteen miles out of your way. You can get meal early tomorrow morning at Boyce's Mill, and this evening, you may move your Regiment to that vicinity, sending an Officer to Monett's Ferry to meet you on your march to-morrow, with the information relative to the crossing. I wish you to move what you can carry, as rapidly as possible. Express my admiration to the Officers and Men of Company E at their conduct.


J. L. BRENT, Brigadier-Genl. Commanding.

Houston, May 16th. 1865

General E. Kirby Smith,

Commanding Trans-Mississippi Dept. Shreveport, Louisiana.

GENERAL: Major-General Walker refuses to give up the Command for the present to Brigadier-General Bee, though he was informed that the order came from Department Headquarters. I wish De Bray's Regt. ordered to Harrisburg. A portion of the Garrison at Galveston mutinied on Sunday. This arrangement will probably prevent another mutiny and save Houston It is a burning injustice to me to deprive me of the command of the Cavalry under these trying circumstances.

J. B. MAGRUDER, Major-Genl. Commanding.

Houston, May 16th. 1865.

General E. Kirby Smith.
Commanding Trans-Mississippi Department, Shreveport, La.

GENERAL On the night of the 14th inst, from most reliable information that canbe obtained, some 400 of the troops attempted to desert the post of Galveston.Colonel Smith by prompt action supported by Colonel Timmons' and ColonelHobby's Regiments arrested their advance and restored quiet. I learn fromMajor-General Maxey, that, notwithstanding all his efforts, he cannotproduce such a state of feeling in his Division, as will justify him independing upon their resisting. I have seen letters from intelligent Officersin Walker's Infantry Division who state that those troops will fight nolonger. I have sent for Gen. Walker, and he will be here to-day; will add whathe may say after I see him. The Officers and men insist upon dividing theproperty before the Surrender, and I think it ought to be done, as I havetelegraphed you. I have exerted myself more than I ever did to instill aspirit of resistance into the men, but in vain. I but make myselfantagonistic to the Army and an object of their displeasure. Nothing more can

be done except to satisfy the Soldiers, to induce them to preserve their organization, and to send them in Regiments. &c. to their homes with as little damage to the community as possible. For God's sake act or let me act.

J. B. MAGRUDER, Major-General, Commanding.

page 5

P. S. I entirely concur in the foregoing. I will say in addition that my observation convinces me that the troops of this District cannot be relied upon. They consider the contest a hopeless one, and will lay down their arms at the first appearance of the Enemy. This is the unanimous opinion of the Brigade and Regimental Commands of Forney's Division, whom I have this day consulted. The Cavalry are still firm and quiet, but only waiting for what they consider the inevitable result, viz., Surrender.

Respectfully, &c.

J. G. WALKER, Major-General Commanding Divl of Cav.

Head Quarters Forces Front Lines, Alexandria, May 17th. 1865.
Colonel L. A. Bringier:
Comdg. Seventh Louisiana Cavalry.


General Brent has directed me in his temporary absence to open all
Communications to him marked "Personal" or "Private," and if they related to
Official matters requiring immediate attention to refer them to Col. Vincent,
commanding the front.

In accordance with those instructions your communication of the 16th. instantwas referred to Colonel Vincent, who would respectfully direct you to use yourown discretion in granting leaves of absence to your men for such time andpurpose, as you think best consistent with preserving Regimental Organization.Indeed, with the whole Country Filled with Deserters with arms intheir hands, the question would naturally arise whether many of these, whohave thus far remained true and fast to their colors should not be allowed togo home to defend their families.The fact can no longer be concealed, that the whole Army and People, withscarce an individual exception, are resolved to fight no more, and to break upthe Army at all hazards. All is confusion and demoralization here, nothinglike order and discipline remains.Heavy desertions and plundering of Government property of every kind is theorder of the day. There are but eighty-six enlisted men at the forts. All theCommands of every arm of the Service at an near Alexandria are destroyed, viz:Yoist's and McMahan's Batteries; the Heavy Artillery and Infantry at the

Forts, the Third and Fifth Louisiana Cavalry The Second Cavalry still retains its organization, but there have been Heavy Desertions, the men are thoroughly demoralized and all may leave at any moment; in a word Colonel, the army is destroyed and we must look the matter square in the face and shape our actions (Personally and Officially) accordingly. The Colonel Commanding commends you highly for your success in preserving thus long your organization and so many men He thinks that all that can be expected of you is to use every mild and conciliatory means to preserve your Regimental Organization, but any violent measures to restrain Desertions now is believed both by him and General Brent to be conducive of no good results, and would only tend to exasperate the Soldiery and cause them to commit depredations on Citizens, besides endangering the lives of Officers uselessly. The Colonel Commanding hopes the tenor of this communication will be properly understood; it is designed to be merely advisory, and you are left free to act as you think best, and at the same time to preserve Regimental Organization.


D. F. BOYD, Assistant Adjutant General.

Headquarters Forces Front Lines, Alexandria, May 20th. 1865.
Colonel L. A. BRINGIER ,
Commanding Seventh Louisiana Cavalry:

Colonel: The Colonel Commanding congratulates you on your safe arrival atTanner's with your train. He directs that you remain at or near Tanner's tillfurther orders, and if you find yourself unable to preserve your train, youwill distribute your wagons and teams to responsible planters in theneighborhood of your camp, taking a receipt "to be returned on your order." Itwould be worse than useless to attempt to bring your train here. Every wagonand mule would be stolen in less than four hours after your arrival. There iscorn at Tanner's, at your own depot, it is said, and also Government Beeves inthe swamps near by. Col. Vincent believes, therefore, that you will have nodifficulty in subsisting your command. He furthermore impresses upon you thenecessity of preserving your regimental organization intact, and for thatreason, and the fact that General Brent expressly ordered that your leave ofabsence be withheld till further orders, Col. Vincent, in the absence of anyorder from General Brent on the subject, does not feel authorized to send youyour leave of absence. He regrets, that he feels it his duty to contraveneyour wishes in that regard, but your presence is so necessary at all times toyour command, and especially at this juncture, that he feels confident, thatyou will cheerfully acquiesce in his decision. General Brent is now on theMississippi River attempting to negotiate a surrender of Gen. Hay's command,District of West Louisiana. The Louisiana Generals are acting independently ofGeneral Smith and General Buckner, who are determined in no event tosurrender, have now no hope of success and would bring ruin on Louisiana andTexas merely to enable them to escape with a Corporal's Guard into Mexico. Forthese reasons Louisiana must look out for herself, and there is but little

doubt, that in a few days the district will be surrendered on the termsgranted General Taylor.Inclosed please find copy of General Order from Headquarters. Should you haveany difficulty to subsist let it be known; an effort (but in vain we fear)will be made to relieve you.


D. F. BOYD, Assistant Adjutant-General.

This shows the trying and unsatisfactory condition of affairs just before the final surrender of Genl. E. Kirby Smith's Army on May 26th, 1865.

It was indeed a situation to test the loyalty and soldierly qualities of the Confederate troops in the Trans-Mississippi army, both officers and men.

It is indeed an honor to such officers as our creole fellow citizen (long since deceased) Col. L. A. Bringier, and the men who remained steadfast in the performance of duty, until honorably surrendered and paroled.

page 6 It is also a credit to the Cavalry branch of the service that they showed up as well as they did under these very trying conditions; when so many of their comrades in arms, especially in other branches of the service, had weakened, and left-unmindful of their duty to remain subject to orders, to the end. The federal parole list here, becomes a roll of honor, certifying to the loyalty of every confederate soldier surrendered, and paroled in the Trans-Mississippi Department and in fact all over the South.

This does not mean however that there are not some who served to the end of the war, and who were really entitled to and deserving of parole who will not show on our parole lists, or have record in our publication, showing service to the end of the war. But the number is comparatively small.

There were some however, who were absent on short furlough which extended beyond the date of surrender. Others were on detail service in the Commissary, Quartermaster, or Ordnance departments, away from their commands, and who may have failed to come in and get paroled, at the time of surrender. Some others were absent wounded or on sick furlough, or in Hospitals at a distance, and may not have been accounted for by the Orderly sergeant, or officer who turned in the eligibles for parole.

These are of course unfortunate cases, unfortunate alike to the soldier, and to his posterity, but fortunately there are not very many of these.

I hold however that where all the record the Government has of a soldier is good and no faltering or neglect of duty, is found recorded against him, and his service is shown to the end of 1864; great charity should be exercised toward him, and he should be given the benefit of the doubt in honoring his record if living, or memory if dead, or in extending the pension benefits to him or his widow if such survive him.

The rather chaotic condition prevailing everywhere at the front in 1865, would appear to give some justification to such extension of charitable consideration, to those whose good record previously would somewhat extenuate their fault of absence, at the last moment of the most crucial test.

Such charitable consideration for those who are unfortunate could in no way detract from the honor and glory due to every soldier, who died on the battle field or in camp, or who languished in Northern prisons to the end, or was honorably discharged for sickness, or wounds, or who was paroled at the end of the war.

Our publication will perpetuate the certificate of honor which these have earned and they can afford to be charitable to their comrades of good record, otherwise, but who were unfortunate at the end.

Fortunately at the close of the war between the States the muster rolls and confederate papers captured by the Union Army from the Confederates, were sent to the War Department, and were there saved, collated, and compiled for reference papers.

But the people of the States both North and South were refused access to them for forty-five years after the war.

The State of Louisiana was the first state to make the fight to get access to these records, and was the first state to succeed in getting to them for Historical purposes, although many states North and South had applied and had been refused by department ruling.

And it was nearly four years after the attempt to collate and compile records of the Louisiana Confederate Soldiers was begun by Commissioner Thomas W. Castleman, that through the aid of our members of Congress, he finally got access to the vaults containing these Louisiana Records.

He then commenced the Photographing of the records which work had to be done under supervision of a Government official who counted and controlled each piece, and watched that no changes could be made in the Rolls.

All of these Photographs of War Rolls, of Louisiana Confederate Troops, are now in the Office of the Commissioner of Military Records.

They exhibit possibly 450,000 Photographs of Individual Card Records of service, of Louisiana Soldiers.

There are 24,199 Photographed Record Sheets of which 413 are Photographs of copies made in the War Department, Washington, D. C. of Rolls borrowed from Memorial Hall New Orleans, La., in 1903 for the purpose of copying them.

We have also 39,249 envelope Card Records of Paroled Soldiers, Prison Records, Death Lists, Etc.

We estimate the enlistment from Louisiana in the Confederate Army at about 56,000 and with re-enlistments other than twelve months Regiments, which re-enlisted as Commands, would go possibly to 65,000 names. When we complete our publication, the number will be more accurately established.

When completed the compilation and the publication of the Individual Record of each Soldier, in alphabetical form A to Z for future reference, with a brief History of the 982 Companies, and the various Commands from Louisiana, will add interest and usefulness to the work for all time.

These publications when completed, will be of interest to many thousand descendants of Louisiana Confederate Soldiers; and be a just and lasting tribute and monument to the Soldier himself.

It is a work, which requires the most painstaking integrity, that only facts be published, and that no omissions are permitted, which could detract from or mar the good name of any Soldier who served faithfully. Alphabetical List and Local Designations of Louisiana Organizations in the Confederate Army, comprising Infantry, Artillery, Cavalry and Militia 982 Military Companies organized in Louisiana.

Of these, at least Four Hundred Companies were Militia, most of whom did home guard duty, and some of whom, served to end of the war.

Alexander Rifles(Company 24 Regt. La. Infty. Co. K. Cres. Regt.)

Alexandria Independent Guards La. Militia.

Alfred Davis Guards, Company G Miles Legion, Louisiana.

Algiers Guards, Company A. 30th La. Infty. Served also as Algiers Battn. La. Militia.

Algiers Artillery, Baker's Co. Algiers Battn. La. Militia.

Algiers Co., La. Militia.

Allen Rifles, Company I 26th. La. Infty.

Allen Guards, Company I 23rd. La. Infty.

Alligator Rangers, Co. F. 2nd. La. Cavalry.
American Rifles, Co. G. 7th. La. Infty. Co. F. Sumpter Rifles.
American Rifles, Co. B. Co. C. 30th. La. Regt. Infty.
American Rifles subsequently became 8th Co. F. Sumpter 30th. La. Mil. Regt.

Ind.Amite City Rifles La. Militia Ind.Anacoco Rangers, Co. K. 19th. La. Infty.Arcadia Guards, Co. F. 18th. La. Infty.Arcadia Invincibles, Co. B. 12th. La. Infty.Armstrong Guards, Co. K. 14th. La. Infty. Sulakowski's Regt.Ascension Guards, La. Militia Ind.Asenheimers 1st. Co. B. Co. B. 20th. La. Infty.Askew Guards, Co C. 14th. La. Infty. Sulwakowski's Regt.Askew Greys, Co. F. Kennedy's 21st. La. Infty.Assumption Creoles, Co. C. 26th. La. Volunteers.Atchafalaya Guards, Co. H. 2nd. La. Infty.Atchafalaya Mounted Scouts Battn. La. Cavalry.Attakapas Guards, Co. C. 8th. La. Infantry.Attakapas Rangers, La. Mil. Ind.Austrian Guards, Co. 4th. Regt. European Brig. La. Mil. Vol.Avengo Rifles Co. I. 13th. afterwards Co. G 14th. La. Infty.Avoyelles Fencibles, La. Militia Co. A. Johnson's Spec. Battn.Avoyelles Rifles, La. Militia Ind.Baker Guards, Capt. F. Lang's Co. Continental Regt. La. Mil. Vols. also Co. F.

II. Lewis Battn. Regt. La. Mil.

Barlow's Battery, Capt. Wm. P. Barlow Ind.Baton Rouge Fencibles, Co. B. 7th. La. Infty.Baton Rouge Guards, Served in E, Baton Rouge, Regt. Ind.Baton Rouge Invincibles, Co. B. 9th. 17th. Battn. La. Inf.Baton Rouge National Guards, La. Mil. Served in E. Baton Rouge Regt. Ind.Baton Rouge Rangers, Co. B. 1st. La. Cavalry.Battalion La, Cazadores Espanoles, Louisiana Legion.Bayliss Battn, Par. Rangers, Capt. W. H. Bayliss, Ind.Bayou Boeuf Cavalry Guards, La. Mil. Ind.Bayou Boeuf Home Guards, La. Mil. Ind.Bayou Goula Co., La. Mil. Served in Iberville Regt. Ind.Beauregard Battn. Battery La. Mil.Beauregard Cadets, 2nd. Brig. 1st. Div. La. Mil. Ind.Beauregard Fencibles, Co. K. afterwards I. 12th. La. Inf.Beauregard Guards, La. Mil. Co. C. La. Irish Regt. La. Mil.Beauregard Invincibles, Co. K. afterwards I. 12th. La. Inf.Beauregard Mounted Lt. Grds, La. Mil. Ind.Beauregard Rangers, Co. D. Cres. Regiment La. Inf. 24th. Regt. La. Inf.Beauregard Rangers, La. Mil. Ind.Beauregard Rebels, La. Mil. Ind.Beauregard Regiment,Col. F. A. Barlett's Regt. La. Mil.Beauregard Rifles, Co. 30th. La. Inf. Co. K, Sumpter Regt. Co. A. Beauregard

Battn. La. Mil.
Beauregard Siege Art., La. Mil. Ind.

Beauregard Siege Battery, Capt. Theo. Morano's Co. La. Arty.
Beauregard Tigers, La. Mil. Co. F. Jeff Davis Battn. & Regt.
Beauregard Creek Rifles, Co. G. 4th. La. Inf. also Co. E. 9th. Battn. La. Cav.

(P. R.) later Wingfield's 3rd. La. Cav.Belgian, Legion, La. Mil. Ind.Belgium Infantry, Louisiana Legion.Bell Battery, Capt. T. O. Benton's Co. La. Arty.Belmont Guards, La. Mil. served in Beauregard Regt. Ind.Ben Mccullough Rangers, Ind.Ben Mccullough Rangers, Capt. Wm. F. McLean's Ind. Co. 2nd. La. Inf.Benten's Battery, Bell Batty.4th. La. Batty. 3d, La. Batty. served as Co. C.

3rd. Battn. Fld. Batty. Ind.
Bienvenu Guards, Capt. A. Lartigue's Co. La. Vols
Benjamin's Co., La. Cav. Independent Co.
Bienville Rifles, Co. B. 8th. La. Inf.

Bienville Rifles, La. Mil. Disbanded at Camp Moore declining to serve for the
war. Ind.
Bienville Blues, Co. C. 5th. La. Infty.
Bienville Guards, Lartigue's, Co. King's Spec. Battn. La. Infty.

Page 7Big Bend, Co Capt. W. J. Rusk, Ind.Big Cane Rifles, Co. K. 16th. La. Infty.Black River Mtd. Rifles Served in Concordia Regt. Ind.Black Yagers Co. B, 22nd, afterwards 21st La. Infty.Blacks Rifle Guards Co. Jackson's Regt. La. Infty. 5th. Battn.

Blakesley Guards, La. Mil. Co. 4 4th. Regt. French Brig.Blucher Guards, La. Mil. Capt. Hy. Miester Ind.Boeuf River Rebels Co. B. 27th. La. Infty.Bogart Guards, Co. C. 3rd. La. Battn. afterwards Co. H. 15th. La. Infty.Bonford, Guards, Co. A. Kennedy's 21st. Regt. La. Infty.Bonnabel Guards, La. Militia Co. 4th. Regt. French Brig.Boon's Battery, 2nd. Field Batty. Attached to Miles Legion.Bossier Cavalry, Capt. Thos. W. Fuller's Ind. Co. La. Co. C. 6th. La. Cav.

attached to an Ala. Cav. Regt. also Co. B. Wimberly's Squadron La. Cavalry.
Bossier Volunteers, Co. D. 9th. La. Infty.
Bossier Rangers Vols., Co. A. 1st. Battn. State Grds. Cav. also called 13th.

Boyles, Co. B. 30th. Regt. La. Infty.
Bragg Cadets, Co. D. 26th. La. Infty.

page 8
Bragg's Escort, Guy Dreux's Ind Co. La. Cavalry.
Bragg's Grds. La. Mil. Capt. Frank Dalfers, Ind.
Briarfield Rebels, Capt. A. J. McNeils Co. La. Cavalry.

Brice Guards, La. Militia Capt. Ewell Eastman Ind.
Bridges Battery, Capt. Wm. M. Bridges attached as Co. D. to 18th. S. C. Battn.
Arty. Ind.

Brierfield Rebels, La. Calvary Capt. A. J. McNiel as Co. D. 6 or 61st. Battn.

Ark. Cavalry later Co. C. 24th. Ark. Cav. Ind.
Brown's Battery, Hannibal Lt. Arty. Co. B. (Consolidated with Guiber's Mo.
Battery) Ind.

Brown's Co., La. Mil. Capt. A. F. Brown Ind. Brush Valley Guards, Co. H. 9th. La. Infty.

Burnside Guards, La. Militia, Capt. Edward Conery Ind.Burton's Co. in Lafourche Regt. La. Militia.Butler's Revengers, Co. A. Miles Legion La. Cavalry.Caddo Confederates Co. I. 27th. La. Infty.Caddo Co., La. Militia Capt. Wm. H. Bayliss.Caddo Fencibles, Co. C. 16th. La. Cav.Caddo Lake Boys, Co. F. 17th. La. Inf.Caddo Light Horse, Co. A. 6th. Regt. La. Cav.Caddo Militia, Capt. B. R. Bickham's Co. 4th. Regt. French Brig. La. Mil.

Vols.Caddo Pioneers, Co. 27th. La. Inf.Caddo Rifles, Co. A. 1st. La. Inf.Caddo, 10th & 19th. La. Inf.Cage's Battn., La. Cav. with Miss. Cav. & 14th. Battn. Confed. Cav.Calcasieu Rangers, Capt. W. E. Ivey's Co. La. Cav.Calcasieu Volunteers, Co. A. King's Spec. Battn. La. Inf.Calcasieu Tigers, Co. B. King's Spec. Battn. La. Inf.Calcasieu Invincibles, Co. C. King's Spec. Battn. La. Inf.Calcasieu Guards, Co. D. King's Spec. Battn. La. Inf.Caldwell Avengers, Co. B. 31st. Regt. La. Inf.Caldwell Guards, Co. I. 3rd. La. Inf. Jeff Davis Battn. Regt. La. Mil.Caldwell Invincibles, Co. A. later G. 12th. La. Inf.Caldwell Rangers, Caldwell Regt. La. Mil.Calhoun Guards, Co. B. 6th. La. Inf. also Continental Regt. La. Mil. Vols.

Independent Co.

Calhoun Guards, Co. C. Co. G. Irish Regt. La. Mil.
Campbell Guards, Co. A. 5th. Battn. La. Inf.
Cameron's Battery(Art). attached to 15th. Battn. Cav. & later to Harrison 3d.

La. Regt. Cav. 4th. La. Fld. Art.Campaigners La. Vols.,26th. Co. La. Mil.Canfields' Co. Mtd. Rangers, La. Mil. Ind.Cannon Guards, Co. D. 11th. La. Inf.Cannon Guards, Co. Jackson Regt. La. Inf. formerly Kennedy's 5th. Battn. Inf.Capitol Guards, La. Mil. served in E. Baton Rouge Regt. La. Mil. Ind.Capitol Volunteers, La. Mil. served in E. Baton Rouge Regt. La. Mil. Ind.Camouche's Co. of Cavalry attached to Brent's Cavalry Brigade.Carondelet Invincibles, Co. I. 5th. La. Inf.Carondelet Lt. Inf., La. Mil. Served as Co. in Beauregard Regt.Carroll Dragoons, Capt. Lott's Co. La. Cav. Ind. Co.Carroll Guards, Co. L. 11th. La. Inf. after Co. E. 20th. La. Inf.Carroll Rebels Co. D. 29th. (4th. Battn.) La. Inf.Carrollton Reserve Grds., La. Mil. Co. D. Jeff Davis Battn. & Regt. La. M

Carter Minute Men, La. Militia (Independent).
Carter Rangers, La. Militia (Independent).
Caruthers Sharp Shooters,also called Copland Caruthers Shp. Shooters Co. D.

9th. Battn. La. Infty.Castor Guards, Co. I. 16th. La. Infty.Catahoula Avengers Co. E. 31st. Regt. La. Infty.Catahoula Battalion, Co. D. 31st. La. Infty

Catahoula Fencibles, Co. D. 31st. La. Infty.
Catahoula Greys, Co. G. 11th. La. Infty.
Catahoula Guerillas, Co. D. Wheat's Battn. La. Infty. later Co. I 15th. La.

Regt. Infty. (2nd. Polish Brigade.)
Catahoula Rebels, Co. C. 17th. La. Infty.
Col. Nevil Soule's, 1st. Co. A. Cazadores Regt. La. Mil. Espanoles.
Col. Nevil Soule's, 2nd. Co. B. Cazadores Regt. La. Mil. Espanoles.
Col. Nevin Soule's,3rd. Co. C. Cazadores Regt. La. Mil. Espanoles.
Col. Nevil Soule's,4th. Co. D. Cazadores Regt. La. Mil Espanoles.
Cazadores of St Bernard, Co. G. Col. Nevil Soule's Cazadores Regt. Es. La.

Mil.Cazadores Espanoles Regt.,Family Caz.' Esp. Battn. La. Mil.Chalmette Rifle Guards, Co. B. 5th. La. Infty.Chalmette Guards, La. Militia Co. B. Fire Battn. & Regt. La. Militia.Chalmette BattalionLa. Volunteers.Chasseurs a Pied alias Foot Rifles also called St. Paul's Foot Rifles 7th.

Battn. La. Infty.
Chasseurs D'Orleans, Foreign Brigade, La. Legion 1st. Regt. Chas. a Pied Co.

Casd. Regt. Espn. La. Mil. also Jackson Rifle Battn. also Ind. Co.

Chasseurs St. Jacques, Co. E. 8th. La. Infty.
Chasseurs of Jefferson, Co. A. Cav. La. Mil. Served in 9th. Regt. 1st. Brigade
La. Militia.

Chasseurs de la Fayette, La. Mil. Capt. Hy. H. Michelet, Ind.
Chasseurs de la Fourche, La. Militia Capt. Chas. Lesseps, Ind.
Chasseurs de la Gard, La. Mil. Served 5th. Co. 6th. Regt. European Brig.
Chasseurs St. Michel, La. Mil. Served in St. James Regt. Ind.

Chasseurs du Teche(Cav.) La. Mil. Capt. Chas. Tetron, La. Mil.Cheyneville Blues, Co. H. 8th. La. Infty. (Sometimes Rifles.)City Defenders, Co. D. Jackson Rifle Battn. La. Mil.City Fire Guards, La. Mil. Co D. Orleans Fire Battn. Regt. La. Mil.City Guards, La. Mil. attached to National Gd. Regt. Capt. Wm. T. Dean, Ind.Citizens Guards, Co. B. La. Mil. Continental Regt. La. Mil. Vols.Citizens Guards, Co. A. Continental Regt. La. Mil. Vols.Claiborne Greys, Co. D. 19th. La. Infty.Claiborne Guards, Co. F. 2nd. La. Infty.Claiborne Invincibles, Co. D. 28th. La. Infty.Claiborne Invincibles, Co. K. 17th. La. Infty.Claiborne Rangers, Capt. T. M. Scott's Co. 12th. La. Infty.Claiborne Rebels, La. Mil. Capt. Allen C. Hill, Ind.Claiborne Volunteers, Co. C. 19th. La. Infty.Clay Guards, Co. B. Beauregard Battn. & Regt. La. Mil.Clinton Guards, La. Mil. Capt. J. J. Smith, Ind.Clinton Rebels, La. Mil. Capt. A. S. Norwood, Ind.Clouett Guards, Co. K. Chalmette Regt. La. Mil. Vols.Coach Makers Guards Bragg's Battn. La. Militia.Cochran's Co. Cavalry,Macon Cav. La. Mil.

page 9
Cole's Rangers,See Mounted Rangers La.
Columbia Fire Guards, Co. H. Orleans Fire Battn. Regt. La. Militia.
Colyell Guards, Co. G. 9th. La. Infty.

Compagne, du Voliguere, Co. 2nd. Regt. French Vols. 2nd. Regt. Europ. Brig.

Coneordia Rifles, Co. F. 13th. La. Infty. Sulakowski's afterwards 14th. La.Confidence Fire Guards, La. Mil. Co. F. Orleans Fire Battn. Regt. La. Mil.Confederate Defenders,Harrison's Battn. Cavalry La.Confederate Defenders, Co. A. 31st. La. Infty.Confederate Guards,(Response Battn) also called Confed. Grd. Battn. 12th.

Battn. La. Infty.Consolidated with Cres. Regt.Confederate Guards, Co. H. 18th. La. Infty.Confederate Guards, Artillery Capt. C. C. Lewis' Co. La. Mil.Confederate Guards, Regt. La. Mil. Vols.Confederate Guards, Reserve, La. Mil. Ind. Co. Capt. Jas. J. Hanna.Confederate Guards, Response Battn also called Confed. Grd. Batt. La. Vols.Confederate States Rangers, Co. K. 10th. La. Infty.Confederate States Zouaves, Maj. St. Leon Dupier's La. Infty. Battn.Continental Guards, Co. A. 7th. La. Infty.Continental Cadets, La. Mil. A company on Cont. Regt. La. Mil. Vol.Continental Guards, Co. F. 11th. La. Inf.Continental Guards, Co. B. Continental Regt. La. Mil. Vols.Continental Regiment,Col. George Clark's Regt. La. Mil.Cooper's Guards, La. Mil. Capt. Jno. C. Weaver.Coppen's 1st. Battn.,C. S. Zouaves La. (La. Zouaves).Corner Co. of Avoyelles, La. Mil. 1st. Lt. V. Gremillion, Ind.Cornil Guards, La. Mil. Capt. David Pearson.

Cotton Plant Guards, La. Mil. Co. E. La. Irish Regt. La. Mil.Cotton Plant Guards, Co. B. La. Mil. Co. E. Irish Regt. La. Mil.Cotton Guards, La. Mil. Co. E. Jeff Davis Battn. & Regt.Court Glee Grds, La. Mil. (also C. G. Minute Men) Capt. Dupre Guidry, Ind.Coushatta Rifles, La. Mil. R. H. Simmons Capt. Ind.Creole Rebels, La. Mil. Capt. J. J. Ducoye Co. C, Johnson's Spl. Battn.Creole Chargers, Co. G. 1st. La. Cav.Creole Guards, Co. A. 8th. La. Inf. served also E. Baton Rouge, Regt. La. Mil.

Creole Rebels, La. Mil. Vols. Capt. E. P. Doremus Ind.
Crescent Artillery, Capt. T. H. Hutton's Co. A. La. Arty.
Crescent Artillery, La. Mil. Capt. H. F. Wade, Ind.
Crescent Blues, Capt. John Knight's Co. Crescent Regt. La. Vols. Co. E.

Beauregard Battn. Regt. 24th. Regt. La. Inf. also Co. G. Sumpter Regt.
Crescent Cadets, Co. I. Sumpter Regt. La. Mil.
Crescent City Blues, Co. B. or C. La. Foot Rifles of Battn. Co. K. 15th. La.

Regt. Inf.Crescent City Blues, Co. A. La. Mil. Capt. Bartlett, 3rd. Co. H. Cres. Regt.Crescent City Guards, Co. A. 5th. La. Inf.Crescent City Guards, Co. B. later A. Crescent Regt. La. Vols.Crescent City Guards, Co. C. later F. Cres. Regt. La. Vols.Crescent City Native Guards, Co. in 1st. Regt. Native Grds. La. Mil.Crescent City Native Guards, Co. in 1st. Regt. Native Grds. La. Mil.Crescent City Rifles, Co. B. 1st. Battn. La. Inf. also Co. B. 24th. La. Regt.

Inf. Crescent Regt.
Crescent Rifles, Co. B. 1st. Battn. La. Inf.

Crescent Rifles,(Co. B.) Co. E. 7th. La. Inf.Crescent Rifles,(Co. C.,) Co. H. 7th. La. Inf.Crescent Rifles,(Co. D.) after B. Crescent Regt. La. Vols.Crescent Regiment, also called 24th. & Cons. Cres. Regt. La. Inf. orig. Mil.Crescent Reserve, La. Mil. Capt. J. A. Halls Co. Orleans Fire Battn. La. Mil.Crescent Zouaves, Capt. W. F. Fry Ind.Crockett Southrons, Capt. E. Currie's unattached Co. La. Vols.Cronan Rebels, La. Militia, Capt. C. Evans.Crosgrove Guards, La. Mil. Co. B. Lewis Battn. Regt. La. Mil.Cuban Rifles Co., Co. C. Jackson Rifle Battn. La. Mil.Dardennis Guards, Co. I. 30th. Regt. La. Infty.Dauer's Artillery, Capt. J. F. Dauer's Co. La. Arty. Mil.Davenport Rebels, Co. G. 15th. La. Infty.Davidson Guards, La. Mil. (Alexandria, La.) Capt. Jno. W. Addison, Ind.Davidson Guards, La. Mil. Capt. W. E. M. Linfield Ind.Davenport Rebels, Co. G. 15th. La. Infty.Davidson Guards, La. Mil. (Alexnadria, La.) Capt. Jno. W. Addison, Ind.Davidson Guards, La. Mil. Capt. W. E. M. Linfield Ind.Davis Guards, Co. H. 1st. La. Infty.Davis Guards, Cavalry Co. G. Miles Legion La.Davidson Guards, Co. D. (Beauregard Regt. & Battn. La. Mil. also 2nd. Co. I,

Cres. Regt.)
De Clouet's Guards, Co. D. Guard Battn. Regt. La. Mil.
De Feriet Guards, Co. I. Chalmette Regt. La. Mil. Vols.

Defenders-Falknerl's, Cav. Co. D. 3rd. (Harrison's) La. Regt. Cav. form Co. I

Pargoud's Regt.
De Gournay's afterwards Kean's La. Battery 12th. Batty served as Co. E. 1st.
Battn. La. Zouaves.

Delhi Guards, La. Mil. Capt. D. Pinkney Smith, Ind.

Delta Rifles, La. Mil. Capt. Hugh Green, Ind.

Delta Rangers, Co. C. Wheat's Battn. La. Infty

Delta Rifles, Co. F. 4th. La. Infty.

Denson's Cavalry, Co. Capt. W. B. Denson See Caddo Light Horse.

Derbigny Guards, Co. B. 10th. La. Infty.

De Soto Blues, Co. F. 9th. Infty. Regt.

De Soto Creoles, Co. K. 3rd. Co. K. Cos. H. K. 19th. Regt. La. Infty.

De Soto Rangers, DeSoto Regt. La. Mil.

De Soto Rifles, Co. D. 5th. La. Infty.

Dillon Guards, Co. A. 11th. La. Infty.

Dixie Guards, La. Militia. Capt. F. H. Pugh Ind.

Dixie Rifles, Co. 27th. La. Infty.

Donaldsonville Arty., Capt. V. Maurin's Co. La. Arty. attached as Co. B. to

Garnett's afterwards Richardson's Battn. also known as Landry's Battery.
Donaldsonville Arty., Co. B. also called Cannoneers of Donaldsonville
Doubloon Guards, La. Mil. Capt. W. H. Waters, Ind.
Downsvifle Guards, La. Mil. Capt. Jas. B. Landers, Ind.
Dreux's Co., La. Cav. Served as escot to Gen. Beauregard, Bragg, Hood &


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Landry's Battery Donaldsonville Arty.

Landry's Guards, La. Mil. also called St. Landry Grds. Ind.

Laughlin Light Guards, Capt. T. O. Laughlin's Co. La. Mil. 9th. Co. in La.
Irish Regt. La. Mil.
Le Bisque Battery, Co. B. 12th. Battn. La. Arty. later Castellanos Battery &

De Gournay's Batt. Hy. Arty.Lecompte Guards, Co. G. 2nd. La. Infty.Lee's Co., Capt. J. C. Lee, La. Militia Ind.Lee Guards, La. Mil. served as Co. D. 9th. Regt. 1st. Brig. Ind.Leeds Guards Battn. Regt. La. Mil. Col. Chas. J. Leeds La. Mil. Vols.Leeds Light Horse also called N. O. Lt. Horse Orleans Lt. Horse Cav.Le Gardeur's BatteryLeefe Guards, La. Mil. served in Beauregard Regt. Ind.Lemmon Guards, Co. C. 9-17 Battn. La. Infty.Lewis Guards Co. 30th. La. Infty. Co. H. Sumpter Regt. La. Mil. & Lewis

Battn. Regt. La. Mil.Lewis Guards, La. Militia called Lewis Rifles Capt. H. Meister, Ind.Linton Light Infty, La. Militia. Capt. P. Grandpere, Ind.Lipscomb Co. Co. E. 20th. La. Infty.Livingston Home Guards Co. Local Defense Troops La. Mil.Livaudais Guards, Co. E. Confed. Grds. Regt. La. Mil. Vols.Livingstons Rifles, Co. K. 27th. La. Infty.Local Defense, Capt. Saml. J. Norwood's Co. La. Cavalry.Lockport Home Guards or Lockport Guards, La. Militia Ind.Long Rifles, Capt. J. Marcou's Co. La. Vols. Co. C. Cazadores Esp. Regt. La.

Lonsdale Guards, Co. Jacksons Regt. La. Infty.

Louisiana Defenders, Battn. La. Mil. Vols. also called 7th. Battn. La. Vol.
Louisiana Dragoons, Co. K. 1st. La. Cavalry.
Louisiana Guard Defenders,3rd. Co. La. Defenders Battn. La. Mil.
Louisiana Fire Battn. afterwards Regt. La. Militia.
Louisiana Grays Transfd. to Monroe Rifles Co. K 5th. La. Infty.
Louisiana Guard Artillery, Capt. Camille E. Girardey's Co. also borne as

Green's Co. La. Arty. orig. Co. B. 1st. La. Infty.
Louisiana Guards, 1st. Battn. La. Mil. East Baton Rouge.
Louisiana Guards, Co. A. of East Baton Rouge Co. La. Gd. 1st. Battn. La.

Louisiana Guards, Co. E. of East Baton Rouge Co. La. Gd. 1st. Battn. La. Mil.
Louisiana Guards, Co. A. 1st. Battn. La. Infty.
Louisiana Guards, Co. B. 1st. La. Infty.
Louisiana Guards, Co. C. 1st. La. Infty. Co. C. 1st. Battn. Infty.
Louisiana Guards, Co. D. Crescent Regt. La. Infty. Co. C. 24th. Regt. La.

Infty. Regt.Louisiana Irish Regt. Col. P. B. O'Brien's Regt. La. Mil.Louisiana Independent Rangers.La. Militia.Louisiana Guards of Livingston Parish, Capt. J. J. Cotton La. Mil.Louisiana All Hazards, La. Mil. Capt. A. L. Guxman, Ind.Louisiana Legion, Regt. Infty. La. Mil.Louisiana Mounted Rangers also called Cole's Rangers Ind. Co. La. Cav.Louisiana Musketeers, Co 20th. La. Infty.Louisiana Native Grds, Co 1st. Regt. Native Grds. La. Militia.Louisiana Rebels Co. F. 10th. La. Infty.Louisiana Sappers and Miners, Independent Co. La. Vols.

Louisiana Scouts, Capt. W. G. Mullen's Independent Co. of La. Vols.

Louisiana State Guards, Co. A. 30th. Regt. La. Infty. also Co. I. Confed.
Grds. Regt. La. Mil Vols.
Louisiana State Grds, Co. B. 30th. Regt. La. Infty. also Co. K. Confed. Regt.

La. Mil. Vols.
Louisiana State Guards, Co. G. 5th. La. Infty.
Louisiana Swamp Rifles, Co. E. 10th. La. Infty.
Louisiana Tigers Whcat's Battn. La. Infty.
Louisiana Turcos, Co. H. 15th. La. Infty. (Supposed to be but not found as

Louisiana Turcos, La. Vols. Capt. Hy. Pardeaux Ind.
Louisiana Volunteers Co. B. 20th. La. Infty. See also Reichards Battn.
Louisiana Zouaves, Battn. La. Infty.
Lovel Light Infty.,also Lt. Arty. Co. I. Leeds Grds. Battn. Regt. La. Mil.

Vols.Lovell Rifles, Co. B. 26th. La. Infty.Lovell Guards, La. Mil. Co. F. Leeds Grds. Battn. Regt. La. Mil. Vols.Lovell Scouts, Independent Co. La. Cav. Capt. David Ker Vols.Macon Cavalry, La. Assigned to Starkes 28th Cav. became part 24th. Ark. Cav.Madison Infantry, Co. A. 4th. Battn. La. Infty.Madison Cavalry, La. Militia Capt. Sam Anderson, Ind.Madison Light Artillery, Original Madison's Arty. (Madison Tipperarys later

Capt. Geo. V. Moody's Co. La. Arty.)Madison Parish Infantry, Co. , La. Madison, Tipperary's,(See Madison Lt. Arty. La. Moody's Battery served in

Alexander's and Hugers Battn. Reserve Arty.)
Magazine Guards, Co. G. 6th. Regt. 1st. Brig. 1st. Div.

Maddox's Regt, Reserve Corps Col. W. A. MaddoxMadison Co., La. Mil. Capt. W. P. Peck, Ind.Madison Dragoons, La. Mil. Capt. C. H. Moore, Ind.Magnolla Guards, Continental Regt. La. Mil. Vols.Magee Guards, Continental Regt. also Co. E. Lewis Battn. Regt. La. Mil.Magnolia Guards, Capt. F. Roder's Co. La. Mil. see Co. D. Lewis Battn. Regt.

La. Mil.
Magnolia Guards, La. Mil. Capt. R. M. Montgomery, Ind.
Manassas Rifles Co. A. Chalmette Regt. La. Inf.
Mandeville Rifles, La. Mil. Capt. Chas. Morgan, Ind.
Mann Rifles, Co. I. 20th. La. Inf.
Mansura Guards, La. Mil. Co. E. Johnson's Special Battn. La. Mil.
Marion Artillery, Lieut. Jean Descant's Co. La. Arty. attached to European

Brig.Marksville Guards, La. Mil. Co. D. Johnson's Spl. Battn. La. Mil.Marion Guards, Co. D. 21st. after 22d. La. Inf.Marion Rangers, La. Mil. Co. C. Cres. Regt. called 24th. Regt.Marion Infantry, Indep. Co. La. Inf. on provost duty in District of Mobile.Marion Rangers, Co. B. 2nd. La. Cav. Regt.Martins Scouts, Co. K. 6th. Regt. Cav.Mccall Guards, Co. A. 23d. La. Inf.Mccall Guards, Co. B. 23d. La. Inf. later Co. A. 22d. Regt. La. Inf.Mcclure Guards, Co. G. 13th. later Co. D. 14th. La. Inf.Mccown Regiment, 21st. Regt. La. Inf.

Page 13Mccree Rangers, Co. in Braggs Battn. La. Mil.Mcculloch Rangers, Ind. Co. La. Inf. later Co. A. 59th. Va. Inf.Mcclellan Guards, Co. D. Kennedy's 21st. Regt. La. Inf.Mclaurin Invincibles, Co. K. 27th. La. Inf.Mcrea Rangers, Co. F. Beauregard Battn. & Regt. La. Mil.Mcwaters Rangers, Capt. J. A. McWaters, Co. La. Cav.Mechanic Guards, La. Mil. Co. G. Leeds Guard Battn. Regt. La. Mil Vols.Mechanic Guards, La. Mil. Capt. Lanbach's Co. La. Mil.Mercer Guards, Co. E. 6th. La. Inf.

Meschacebe Native Guards, La. Mil. Co. 1st. Regt. Native Grds. La. Mil.
Miles Artillery, Capt. Claude Gibson's Co. La. Arty. Attached to Miles Legion,
Co. K. 22d. & 21st. La. Inf. Dents Batty, formerly Robertson's C. S. Arty.

Miles Legion, La. Vols. Wm. R. Miles Col.
Miliken Bend Guards Co. E. 9th. La. Infty. Vols.
Minden Blues, Co. G. 8th. La. Infty.
Minden Rangers, La. Cavalry served as Co. A. Wimberly's or Webb's Squadron La.

Cavalry.Milneburg Fire Guards, La. Militia Co. G. Orleans Battn. Regt. La. Mil.Mississippi Native Guards, Co. in 1st. Regt. Native Grds. La. Militia.Mississippi Rifles No. 2La. Mil. Capt. Fred. Camerden.Monroe Guard Co. K. 5th. La. Infty.Monroe Rifles, Co. K. 5th. La. Infty.Montgomery Cadets, La. Militia Capt. Volkmann Ind.Montgomery Guards, Co. B. La. Mil. Capt. J. B. Cunningham Ind.Montgomery Guards, Co. F. 1st. La. Infty.

Montgomery Guards, Co. C. Co. H. Irish Regt. La. Militia.Monticello Rifles, Co. H. 3rd. La. Infty.Moody's Battery Madison Light Arty.Moore Guards, Co. K. 2nd. La Infty.Moore Fencibles, Co. A. 9th. La. Infty.Moreau Grds. La. Militia Capt. L. Moreau's Co. La. Mil.Morehouse Avengers Co. 25th. La. Infty.Morehouse Rangers, La. Cavalry. Capt. Danl. Newton.Morehouse Fencibles, Co. E. 3rd. La. Infty.Morehouse Grds., Co. B. 3rd. Battn 3rd. La. Infty.Morehouse Southrons, Co. H. 17th. La. Infty.Morehouse Stars Co. F 12th. La. Infty.Morrison's Battn. La. Infty., Co. K. 31st. Regt. La. Infty.Mounted Engineers Capt. C. W. Randolph's Co. La. Vols.Mounted Rangers, Co. A. 16th. Battn. La. Infty. Confed. Grds. Response Battn.Mounted Wild Catsalso called Independent Mtd. Wild Cats Indep. Co. - La.

Cavalry Capt. Miller's Co.
Mullen's Co.,Scouts or Shp. Shooters Ind.
Murdock Guards, Co. C. 1st. Battn. La. State Grds. Cav. (also called 13th.

Mustang Rangers, La. Militia Capt. A. J. Johnson Ind.
Mcpherson's Battery Orleans Howitzers, La. Militia.
Natchez Rifles Co.,4th. Battn. La. Infty.
Natchitoches Rebels Co.,Co C. 18th. La. Infty.
Natchitoches Cavalry, Co. La. Mil. Capt. R. S. Rogers, Ind.

Natchitoches Mounted Guards, La. Mil. Capt. L. L. McLauren, Ind.
National Guards, Co. B. 4th. La. Inf.
National Guards(of St. James) La. Mil. Capt. F. E. Lapaginier, Ind.
New Basin Guards, Co. H. 3rd. Regt. 3rd. Brig. La. Mil. also in 4th. Regt.

1st. Brig. 1st. Div. La. Mil.
New Orleans Home Guards, La. Mil. served in N. O. Rifle Regt. Ind.
New Orleans Reserve Guards, Capt. L. Davigneaud's Co. La. Vols.
New River Rangers,Cav. 3rd. Co. Cav. Battn. Miles Legion La. Vols. Ogdens

Battn. La. Cav. also called 9th. Regt.
Nixon Rifles, Co. H. 13th. after Co. E. 14th. La. Inf.
Noel Rangers, Co. B. 15th. Battn. La. Inf. also New Co. B. 20th. La. Regt.

Inf.North Louisiana Cadets, Co. F. after A. 12th. La. Inf.Norton Guards, Co. K. 13th. La. Inf.Norwood's Co., Capt. J. J., La. Mil. Jeff Davis Rangers, Ind.O'Briens Light Infty., Co. in La. Irish Regt. La. Mil.Ogden's Cavalry Battalion,Battn. La. Cav. also called 9th. Regt.Old Dominion Guards, Co. D. Wheat's Battn. La. Inf.Opelousas Guards, Co. F. 8th. La. Inf.Opelousas Greys, La. Mil. Lt. C. H. Hamilton.Opelousas Volunteers, Co. K. 18th. La. Inf.Opelousas Rifles, Capt. Jas. B. Israel, Ind.Orleans Artillery, La. Mil. Served as Reserve Co. Orleans Battn. Art.Orleans Battn. Arty.,Indep. Battn. La. Arty. 12 months service; after attached

to 23d. La. Inf. as Co.'s A, B, C, D, & Co. B, 2nd. Co. 23d. Regt. Inf.
Orleans Blues, Co. H. 10th. La. Inf.

Orleans Blues, Co. A. Herrick's Co. Co., E, 20th. La. Inf.
Orleans Blues, Co. B. Co. G. 20th. La. Inf.
Orleans Cadets, Co. E. 5th. La. Inf. (perhaps Co. B.) also Co. C. Beauregard

Battn. and Regt. La. Mil.
Orleans Cadets, Co. F. 1st. Battn. La. Inf.
Orleans Cadets, Capt. R. L. Dolbear, 1st. Co. L. Cres. Regt.
Orleans Cadets, Co. I. 18th. La. Inf.
Orleans Cadets, Capt. J. E. Blanchard's Co. La. Legion also Co. in Sumpter

Orleans Cadets, Co. D. La. Mil. Co. B. Beauregard Battn. & Regt.
Orleans Cadets, Co. E. Co. H. 24th. La. Inf (Crescent Regt.)
Orleans Guard, Co. E. later Co. F. 30th. La. Inf.
Orleans Claiborne Guards,Chaffin Co. also called Rough & Ready Rangers, Co.

1st. Spec. Battn. La. Infty.
Orleans Fencibles, La. Militia 8th. Co. La. Irish Regt. La. Infty.
Orleans Fire Battn.afterwards Regt. La. Militia.
Orleans Good Will Fire Guards La. Mil. Co. A. OrleansFire Battn. Regt. La.

Mil.Orleans Guard Artillery,Independent Battn. La. Arty.Orleans Guard Battn.,Regt. La. Mil.Orleans Guard Batteries,Cos. A & B. Orleans Grd. Arty. Battn.Orleans Grds, Co. A. 1st. Battn. La. Infty.Orleans Guards,13th. Battn. La. Infty.Orleans Guards,Co La. 3rd. Orleans Guards, Co. F. 30th. La. Infty.Orleans Guards Regiment,Col. Numa Augustin's Regt. La. Militia.

Orleans Guides,Cav. Co. Battn. La. Legion La. Mil. Vols. Orleans Howitzers, Capt. S. J. McPherson's Co. La. Mil. Orleans Light Guards(Co. B.) Co. G. 1st. La. Infty.

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Orleans Light Guards,(Co. C) Co. K. 1st. La. Infty.
Orleans Light Guards,(Co. D.) Co. F. 1st. La. Infty.

Orleans Light Guards,(Co. A.) afterwards Co. D. 1st. La. Infty.
Orleans Light Horse Cavalry also called N. O. Lt. Horse & Leeds' Lt. Horse
Ind. Co. La. Cav. Greenleaf's Co. La. Cavalry.

Orleans Rangers, Co. G. 10th. La. Infty.Orleans Racachas, La. Mil. Capt. J. A. Fremaux, Ind.Orleans Rifle Rangers, Co. H. 6th. La. Infty.Orleans Rifle Guards, La. Mil. Capt. J. A. Jacques Ind.Orleans Rifles, Co. H. 6th. La. Infty.Orleans Skirmishers, Co. I. 10th. La. Infty.Orleans Southrons, Co. F. 5th. La. Infty.Orleans Tirailleurs, Co. K. 23rd. La. Infty.Ouachita Blues, Co. B. 4th. Battn. La. Infty.Ouachita Guerillers Arty.Capt. J. Frank Lacy.Ouachita Rangers, La. Mil. Capt. Frank Pargoud, Ind.Ouachita Southrons, Co. A. 17th. La. Infty.Packwood Guards, Co. K. 4th. La. Infty. Vols.Panola Guardsafterwards Beauregard Rangers Co. D. Cres. Regt. La. Infty.Pargoud Vols, La. Mil. Capt. A. A. Lipscomb Ind.

Payne's Co., La. Mil. Capt. A. H. Payne, Ind.
Peale Rangers, Capt. Hugh Breen, Ind.
Pelican Battery,5th. Battery, La.
Pelican Greys, Co. A. 2nd. La. Inf.
Pelican Guards, Co. B. Jackson Rifles Inf. Battn. La. Mil. Vols. also Capt.

O'Hara's Co. Ind.
Pelican Guards of Iberville, La. Mil.
Pelican Rangers,No. 1, Co. H. 3rd. La. Inf.
Pelican Rangers,No. 2, Co. D. 3rd. La. Inf.
Pelican Regiment,7th. La. Inf.
Pelican Rifles, Co. K. 3rd. La. Inf.
Pelican Rifles, Co. A. 2nd. La. Inf.
Pemberton Rangers, Co. G. 6th. La. Inf.
Perret Guards, Co. H. 5th. La. Inf.
Perseverance Life Guards, Capt. S. B. Collins, Ind.
Perseverance Guards, Co. A. 21st. after 22d. La. Inf. also Lewis Battn. Regt.

La. Mil.Perseverance Fire Guards, Co. E. Orleans Battn. La. Mil.Perseverance Guards, Co. G. after 22d. La. Inf.Perseverance Native Guards, Co. 1st. Regt. Native Grds. La. Mil.Phoenix Co., Co. K. 8th. La. Inf.Phoenix Fire Guards, La. Mil. Co. C. Orleans, Fire Battn. Regt. La. Mil.Phoenix Guards, Capt. Jos. S. Martin, Ind.Phoenix Rifles, Co. D. 17th. La. Inf.Pickett Guards, Co. 26th. La. Inf.

Pickett Rifles, Capt. John B. Vinet's Co. La. Vols.Pickwick Frobys Co.,Beauregard Battn. & Regt. La. Mil.Pikemen of '61, La. Mil. Co. D. La. Fire Regt. La. Mil.Pilie Rifles, Capt. Danl. Vancourt, Ind.Pine Grove Guards, Capt. Thos. La. East, Ind.Pinewoods Sharpshooters, Co. C. 16th. La. InfPinkney Battn.8th. Battn. La. Heavy Arty.Pioneer, Capt. C. D. J. Williams, Ind.Pioneer Guards, No. 1, La. Mil. Co. D. La. Fire Battn. & Regt. La. Mil.Plain Rangers, Served in E. Baton Rouge Regt. Ind. Mil.Plain Store Rangers,Cav. 1st. Co. Cav. Battn. Miles Legion, La. Ogden's Battn.

Cav.Plaisance Guards,served in St. Landry Regt. Ind.Planche Guards, La. Militia Capt. J. B. Nobel's Co.Planche Rebels, Co Chalmette Regt. La. InftyPlanters Life Guards, Co. A. Cav. Battn. Miles Legion Vols.Planters Guards, Capt. Jos. Torras, Ind.Plaquemine Guards served in 13th. Regt. 2nd. Brig. 1st. Div. La. Mil.

Plaquemine Mtd. Rangers, La. Militia Indep. La. Cavalry.

Plutus Guards Co.,in Bragg's Battn. La. Mil. also Co. in Jeff. Davis Battn. &Regt. La. Militia.Pochelee Rangers., Co. H. Jeff Davis Battn. & Regt. La. Mil.Pointee Coupee Artillery-Battn., La. Arty.Pointee Coupee Creoles, La. Mil. Co. D. Pt. Coupee Regt.

Pointe Coupee Light Infty., Capt. L. H. Troudeau, Ind.Pointee Coupee Volunteers, Co. H. 11th. La. Infty.Police Guard Co. "A." Co. Beauregard Regt.Police Guard Co. "B." Co. D. Beauregard Regt.Polish Brigade,13th. 14th. & 15th. La. Infty.Polish Regiment,First 14th. Sulakowski's La. Infty.PontooniersLa. Mil. with Orleans Battn. Arty.Port Hudson Guards, Capt. Randolph Cheek Ind.Prairie Rangers, Co. A. 1st. Battn. La. Infty. later Todd's Independent Co.

Cav. La. Vols.
Prairie Boys, Co. A. 26th. La. Infty.
Protection Rifles Capt. John Purcell's Co. La. Mil. Co. F. Confed. Grd. Regt.

La. Militia & Co. in 7th. Regt. 1st. Brig. 1st. Div. La. Militia.Protection Guards, La. Militia called also Protection Grds.Prudhomme Guards, Co. G. 26th. La. Infty.Quitman Guards, served in St. Landry Regt. Ind.Quitman Rangers, Co. H. 14th. La. Infty.Racachs No. 1 La. Militia Capt. Aug. Abadie Ind.Racachs No. 2 La. Mil. Ed. Dunean. Ind.Raceland Guards, La. Mil. Capt. Chas. Thibodaux Ind.Radetzky Rifle Battery (Arty.)Co. Jackson's Regt. La. Infty. 5th. Battn.Rapides Co., La. Mil. Capt. A. S. Smith, Ind.Rapides Rangers, Co. D. 1st. La. Cavalry.Rapides Invincibles, Co. I. 8th. La. Infty.Rapides Rangers,Lt. T. Mc Feeley's Co. Ind.

Rapides Terribles, Co. C. 27th. La. Inf.
Rapides Tigers, Co. E. 16th. La. Inf.
Rawson Guards, La. Mil. as Co. C. St. Charles Regt. & Chasseurs a pied Regt.

Ind.Red River Rangers,Attached to 15th. Battn La. Cav.Red River Rebels, Co. B. 1st La. Inf.Red River Scouts, Battn. La. Cav.Red River Sharpshooters, Battn. Steamboat Men La. Vols.Red Stick Rebels, La. Mil. Capt. Hy. R. Graham. Ind.Reichard Rifles, Co. C. 20th. La. Inf. also Reichards Battn.Reinhardt Guards, La. Mil. served as Co. E. Beauregard Regt.Rescue Rangers, La. Vol. Lt. Etienne Velten, Ind.Reserve Cazadores, Co. 5, Regt. European Brig. La. Mil. Vol. La. Legion.Reichard's Battn. Inf.,also called 6th & Lovell Battn. & Orleans Rifle Battn.Richard Musketeers, La. Vols. Capt. C. de La Bretonne Ind.

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Rifle Blues, La. Mil. in 13th. Regt. 2nd. Brig. 1st. Div.
Robert's Absalon,C. Co. La. Mil. Jeff Davis Rangers, also Jeff Davis Light

Robina Greys, Co. B. 19th. La. Inf.

Rosalie Guard, Co. I. 11th. La. Inf.

Rough & Ready Guards, La. Mil. Capt. E. W. Blake Ind.

Rouquillo Guards, La. Mil. in 13th. Regt. 2nd. Brig. 1st. Div. La. Mil.

Rousseau Guards, La. Mil. Capt. Jas. R. Curell. Ind.

Robinson's Co. Horse Arty.1st. Regt. La. Cav. formerly Holmes Howitzer Batty.

Robert Brown Guards, La. Mil. Co. D. Lewis Battn. Regt. La. Mil.Ruggles Guards, Co. G. Cres. Regt. La. Inf. 24th. Regt. La. Inf.Sabine Rifles, Capt. McArthurs Co. Co. A. 6th. Regt. La. Inf.Sabine Rebels, Co. B. 17th. La. Inf.Sabine Independents, Co. in Sumpter Regt. La. Mil.Sabine Independents, La. Mil. Co. I. Jeff Davis Battn. & Regt. La. Mil. Vol.Saddler's Guards, La. Mil. Capt. Mooney's Co.Slavonian Rifles, 1st. Co. Co. E. Cadazores Esp. Regt. La. Mil.Slavonian Rifles, 2nd. Co. La. Mil. Cazadores Esp. Regt. La. Mil.Sarfield Rifle Guards, La. Mil. Capt. Jas. O'Hara.Sandy Creek Rangers, La. Mil. served in 1st. Battn. La. Grds. & in E. Baton

Rouge Regt.Sappers and Miners, Co. H. 27th. La. Infty. Sanitary Regiment(Louisiana.)Sarsfield Rangers, Co. B. La. Mil. Capt. P. Murray Ind.Sarsfield Rangers, Co. C. 7th. La. Infty.Sarsfield Southrons, Co La.Savany Guards, Co. 1st. Regt. Native Grds. La. Militia.Scandinavian Guards, Co. A. Chalmette Regt. La. Infty.Scott Guards, La. Mil Capt. Thos. J. Hightower Ind. Co.Scotch Rifle Guards, Co. C. afterwards 22nd. La. Infty.Scotch Rifle Guards Co. H. 21st. La. Infty.Scotch Rifle Guards, Co. C. afterwards 22nd. La. Infty.Scotch Rifles, Scotch Rifle Guards.Screwmen's Guard, Co. A. 22nd. La. Infty.Screwmen's Guards, Co. B. 22nd. La. Infty.

Screwmen's Guard also called Moore Fencibles Co. A. 9th. La. Infty.Second Battery, La. Hvy. Arty. Capt. Geo. Logan.Sedentaire Battery Capt. Jules Benit's Co. La. Arty.Sappers and Miners Sureg's Co. La. Militia.Shamrock Guards, Co. 4th. Regt. French Brig La. Mil. Vol.Sharpshooters La Legion, La. Mil. Capt. Jos. Christian Ind.Shelley Battallion,11th. Battn. La. Infty.Shepherd Guard Co. 10th. La. Infty.Shreveport Greys Co. D. 1st. Battn. La. Infty. 1st. La. Regt. Infty.Shreveport Rangers, Co. F. 3rd. La. Infty.Shreveport Rebels, Co. K. 11th. La. Infty.Shreveport Rifles,1st. La. Infty.Siege Battery Capt. E. T. King's Co. La. Arty.Simmons Stars, Co. G. 17th La. Infty.Ski****with Guards.Co. A. 27th. La. Infty.Slavonian Rifles, Co. Infty. Battn. La. Legion La. Vols.Slocomb Rifles, Co. C. 1st. La. Vols. Infty.Shamrock Guards, Co. B. La. Militia. Co. F. La. Irish Regt. La. Militia.Smith Artillery, Capt. John Roy's Co. La. Arty.Southern Cadets, La. Mil. Capt. F. Comish Ind.Southern Celts, Co. A. 13th. La. Infty.Southern Guards, Co. A. 6th. La. Regt. Infty. Vols.Southern Guards of Union Parish, La. Mil. Ind.Southern Guards of Rapides Parish, La. Mil. Ind.

Southern Protection Guards, La. Mil. Capt. Wm. Lampton.Southern Rifles, La. Militia Capt. J. A. Jacques Ind.Southern Sentinels, Co. I. afterwards Co. H. 12th. La. Infty. also company inBragg's Battn. La. Mil. also Continental Regt. La. Militia Vols.Spanish Teradors, Co. Infty. Battn. La. Legion La. Vols.Spanish Independents, La. Militia in 9th. Regt 1st. Brig. La. Mil.Sparrow Cadets, Co. I. 31st. La. Infty.Sparta Guards, Co. E. 27th. La. Infty.Sparta Cavalry, La. Mil. Capt. D. H. Shepperd Ind.Special Battn. La. Vols. also called 1st. Spec. Battn. La. Vols (Wheat's)Spearsville Co., La. Mil. served in Union Regt. La. Militia.Spencer Rifles, Co. H. 27th. La. Infty.Squires Slege Train Capt. M. T. Squires Ind.St. Bernard Mounted Rifles Capt. Jules Delery's Indep. Co. also called St.

Bernard Horse Rifles.St. Ceran Rifles Co. D. 15th. Regt. La. Infty. Vols.St. Helena Rebels, Co. F. 16th. La. Infty.St. Helena Rebels, Co. F. 4th. La. Infty.St. Helena Rebels, Co. F. 15th. La. Infty.St. James Guards,Lecoul's Co. 30th. La. Infty.St. James Rifles Co. A. 18th. La. Infty.St. John Baptist Guards, Co. in Sumpter Regt. La. Militia.St. Landry Light Guard, Co. C. 6th. La. Infty.St. Landry's Grays, La. Mil. served in St. Landry Regt.

St. Landry Volunteers, Co. B. 18th. La. Infty.St. Landry Home Guards, La. Militia served in St. Landry Regt.St. Martin's Rangers Capt. E. W. Fuller's Co. King's Battery La. Vols.St. Martin's Parish Rangers, Co. G. 10th. Battn. La. Infty.St. Mary's Cannoneers, Capt. F. O. Cornay's Co. La. Arty. form Co. F. 4th. La.

Infty. 1st. Field Battery Gordays & Cornays, Battery.St. Mary Volunteers, Co. G. 13th. La. Inf.St. Paul Battn. Foot Rifles, 7th. Battn. La. Inft.St. Charles Foot Rifles, in Chasseurs a Pied Reg.St. Charles Light Arty. La. Mil. Capt. Chas. Dav enport, Ind.St. Charles Mtd. Minute Men, La. Mil. in St. Chas. Regt.St. Charles Horse Guards, La. Mil. Capt. Samuel McCutcheon.St. John Baptist Rifles, also Carbineers of St. John. I. La. Mil.St. John Baptiste Guards, La. Mil. Capt. N. Loque, Ind.St. John Baptiste Native Guards, La. Mil. Capt. J. R. Forstall.St. Landry Partisan Rangers, La. Mil. Served in St. Landry Regt.St. Martinsville Rangers, La. Mil. Capt. A. De Blanc. Ind.St. Mary Greys, La. Mil. Capt. J. Baker. Ind.St. Tammany Arty., La. Mil. Capt. J. A. Turner. Ind.St. Tammany Greys, La. Mil. Capt. C. Crosby Ind.St. John Baptist Reserve Guards, La. Mil.

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Stafford Guards also called Screwmen Guards, Co. B. 9th. La. Inf.
Stanley Guards, Co. A. H. 20th. La. Inf.
Stanley Guards, Co. B. La. Mil. Co. in Pt. Coupee Regt. La. Mil.

Stars of Equality, Co. E. 19th. La. Inf.Star Guards, La. Mil. Capt. Saml. C. Scott. Ind.State Guard Battery. Capt. D. E. Grove Ind.Smith Guards, La. Mil. Capt. T. O. Laughlin, Ind.Stephen Guards, La. Mil. Co. A. La. Irish Regt. La. Mil.Stephen Guards, Co. G. 30th. Regt. La. Inf.Stephen Guards, Co. A. 20th. La. Inf also Reichards Battn.Stewarts Legion 9-17 Battn. Co. A. 9th. Battn.Stuart Cavalry, 2nd. Co. Cav. Battn. Miles Legion La. Vols.Sully Knights, La. Mil. Capt. D. W. Magill, Ind.Summer Grove Cav., La. Mil. in Caddo Regt. 3rd. Regt. 2nd. Brig. Ind.Sumpter Regt., Cres. Cadets Co. I., Sumpter Regt. La. Mil.Sumpter Greys, Co. A. also Ind. Co. Capt. D. Maypay.Sumpter Greys, Co. A. 30th. La. Inf. Co. D. Sumpter Regt.Sumpter Greys, Co. B. 30th. La. Inf. Co. E. Sumpter Regt.Sumpter Greys, Co. B. 30th. La. Inf. Co. E. Sumpter Regt.Sumpter Greys, Co. B. also Ind. Co. Capt. Hy. J. Beebe.Sumpter Guards, Co. D. 8th. La. Infty.Sumpter Guards, Co. K. 24th. La. Regt. Crescent Regt.Sumpter Rebels, Co. I. Crescent Legion Regt. La. Infty.Sumpter Rifles, Continental Regt. La. Mil. Vols. also 3 Co. I. Crescent Regt.Sumpter Regiment, 30th La. Infty.Sumpter Regiment, La. Militia Organized Dec. 17th. 1861.Sumpter Turner Guards, Co. C. Beauregard Regt. also Continental Regt. La. Mil.

Vols. also Lewis Battn. Brig.Swiss Guards, attached to 3rd. Regt. European Brig. La. Militia.Taylor Guards, Co. E. Kings Special Battn. La. Infty.Taylor Guards, Capt. T. C. Calvitt's Co. D. Miles Legion.Teche Guards, La. Mil. (St. Mary Regt. Capt. Wm. F. Harleigh Ind.)Tensas Rangers, also known as Tensas Cavalry attached to 15th. Battn. La.

Cavalry & Harrison's 3rd. Regt. La. Cavalry.Tensas Rifles, Co. D. 6th. La. Infty.Terrebonne Regiment La. Mil.Terrebonne Rifles, La. Militia Capt. V. H. Rightor Ind.Third District Fire Rangers, La. Mil. Co. B. Orleans Fire Battn. La. Mil.Thibodaux's Co., Lafourche Regt. La. Militia Ind.Thibodaux Reserves, La. Mil. Capt. V. Richard Ind.Thomas' Battn. La. Infty.,Merged into 30th. Regt.Thomas' Guards, La. Militia, Capt. V. Cormier Ind.Tiger Bayou Rifles(temporarily attached to 1st. La. Infty. served as Co. I.

13th. afterwards 14th. La. Infty.
Tickfaw Home Grds., La. Militia Capt. H. H. Swassy Ind.
Tiger Rifles, See Tiger Bayou Rifles.
Tiger Battalion Wheats Battn. La. Infty.
Tiger Rifles, Co. E. or Co. B. Wheat's Spec. Battn. La. Infty.
Tiger Rifles, Co. B. La. Mil. Capt. E. Eastman. Ind.
Tirailleur's D'Orleans, Co. I. 10th. La. Infty. Co. K. Orleans Grds. Battn.

Regt. afterwards Co. B. 22nd. La. Infty.Tiradoes Espanoles, Co. Cazadores Espanoles Regt. La. Militia.Tirailleurs Francais, Co. Infty. Battn. La. Legion also Ind. Co.

Tracy, Guards, La. Mil. Capt. J. S. Lallande. Ind.Trevot Guards, La. Mil. Capt. Jos. A. Gagne Ind.Todd's Independent Co., La. Cavalry Prairie Rangers La. Mil.Trailleurs of St. James, Co. K. 30th. Regt. La. Inf.Titterton's Guards,Otero's Co. Orlcans Battn. Regt. La. Mil.Tunica Co.,Attached to West Feliciana Regt. La. Mil.Tunica Guards, La. Mil. also called Tunica Vols & Bayou Tunica Grds.Tunica Guards, Co. D. 20th. La. Inf. also Reichards Battn.Turco's Native Guards, Co. 1st. Regt. Native Grds. La. Mil.Twelfth Battn.Heavy Arty. P. F De Gournay, Maj.Twiggs Guards, Co. E. Cres. Regt. La. Inf. 24th. Regt. La. Inf.Twiggs Lt. Guards, Capt. F. A. Rasch, Ind.Twiggs Rifles, Co. A. Co. G. 23rd. La. Inf.Twiggs Rifles, Co. B. Co. H. 23rd. La. Inf.Twiggs Rifles, Capt. B. Griffin's Co. Local Defense Troops, La.Union Rebels, La. Mil. Capt. S. H. Griffin, Ind.Union Rifles, Co C. 3rd. La. InfUnion & Sabine Rifles, Co. A. 6th. La. Inf.United Guards, also called United Rifles, La. Mil. Capt. F. T. Nicholls Ind.Valcourt Aime Guards, Co. A. after D. 30th. La. Inf.Valentine Lt. Guards, 2nd. Co. K. 20th. La. Inf. (Disbanded.)Vance Guards, Co. A. 19th. La. Inf.Ventress Light Guards, Capt. Jos. Goldman's Co. Local Defense Troops La. 20th.

La. Inf.

Ventress Protectors, La. Mil. Capt. Cedroski, IndVernon Guards.Co. E. 2nd. La. Inf.Vetran Francais,5th. Co. 6th. Regt. European Brig La. Mil. Vols.Vermillion Guards, La. Mil. Capt. L. Cedrowski. Ind.Vermillion Troops, La. Mil. Capt. D. O'Bryan. Ind.Vidette Guards, La. Mil. Capt. D. H. Dyar. Ind.Vienna Rifles, Co. C. 2nd. La. Inf.Vigilant Fire Guards, La. Mil. Co. I. Orleans. Fire Battn. Regt. La. Mil.Violet Guards, Co. K. 6th. La. Inf.Virginia Blues, Co. L. 7th. La. Inf.Virginia Guards, Co. D. 7th. La. Inf.Volunteer Co., La. Mil. Assumption Parish, Capt. P. C. Kyle Ind.Volunteer Guards, La. Mil. Co. E. Fire Battn. & Regt. La. Militia.Voltigeurs D'Orleans,1st. Co. Jackson's Infty Battn La. Mil. Vols.Voorhies Guards, Co. H Miles Legion.Voltigues de Lafayette,7th. Co. 1st. Regt. French Brig. La. Mil. (French

Walker Guards, Co. A. Wheat's Spec. Battn. La. Infty.
Walker Roughs, Co. D. 16th. La. Infty. sometimes called "Sportans."
Wallace Guards, La. Millita Co. Beauregard Battn. Capt. Wm. J. Locke. Ind.
Washington Artillery, La. Artillery Battn.

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Washington Cadets, Co. Algiers Battn. La. Mil called Terry Battn.

Washington Battn.,St. Paul's Foot Rifles La. Vols.

Washington Calvalry, St. Landry La. Mil. Capt. Jno. Reid. Ind.Washington Guards, Co. H. Cres. Regt. La. Infty.Washington Lt. Guards, La. Mil. Capt. Towell Ind.Washington Light Infantry, Co. E. 21st. afterwards 22nd. La. Infty.Washington Jackson Guards, La. Mil. Co. F. Fire Battn. & Regt. La. Militia.Washington Rifles, Co. I. 9th. La. Infty.Washington Rifles, La. Militia Capt. Duquceron. IndWaterman Guards, Continental Regt.Watson's Battery Capt. D. Beltzhoover's Co. La. Arty.Weatherly Battn., La. Infty.Webb's Co., La. Cavalry, served as Co. E. 18th. Tenn. Cav.Webb's(Formerly Wimberly's Squadron La. Cav. also called 1st. Squadron La.

Cavalry.)West Baton Rouge Tiraileurs, Co. H. 4th. La. Infty.)West Baton Riuge Cadets, Co. D. West Baton Rouge. Regt.West Feliciana Guards, La. Mil. Capt. Wm. H. Barrow Ind.West Feliciana Home Scouts, Capt. Dan R. Gorham's Independent Co. La. Vols.West Feliciana Rifles, Co E. 4th. La. Infty.Westbrook Guards, Co. E. 11th. La. Infty.Wheat Life Guards, Co. E. Wheat's Spec. Battn. La. Infty.White Battery La. Militia, Capt. Alex. White Ind.Wild Cat Cavalry, also called Mtd. Wild Cats Capt O. P. Millers Co. La. Cav.Willow Bayou Rifles, La. Milita Capt. E. L. Heriot, Ind.Wilson Rangers, Capt. W. H. Berthelot's Co. La. Vols.William Goodrich Guards, La. Mil. Co. C. Lewis Battn. & Regt. La. Militia.

Wimberly's Squadron, La. Cav. also called 1st. Squadron La. Cav. Webb's
Winn Rebels Co. F. 27th. La. Infty.
Winn Reserves, La. Vols. Co. A. 1st. Battn. Infty. Terrells.
Winn Rifles, Co. C. 3rd. La. Infty. (Sometimes Guards).
Winn Rifles, La. Militia. Winn Regt. Capt. Wm. B. Stovall. Ind.
Wing's Co. Co. Kennedy's 21st. La. Regt. Infty.
Wood Rangers, La. Mil. Capt. Wm. H. Waters Ind.

Wood's Co.,Cavalry La. Militia Capt. Thos. A. Woods Ind.
Yellow Jacket Battn.,10th. Battn. La. Partisan Rangers Consolidated with 18th.
La. Infty.

Yankee Pelters, La. Mil. Capt. or 1st. Battn. La. Infty. Co. B., L. C.
Calloway Capt. Ind.
Young Greys, Capt. Terrell's La. Vols.
Young Creole Native Guards, Co. in 1st. Regt. Native Grds. La. Mil.
Zouave Battn., La. Vols.

Zouaves and Chasseurs Battn., La. Vols.NOTE(A short but complete history of each of these, is essential, and should becompiled and published in these volumes, for a full understanding of thecommands from Louisiana, and for its future historical value.These publications should also include a brief history of all Regiments,Battalion, and Battery commands, their organization, and mentioning theengagements in which they participated.)

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Index to Battles, Campaigns, Engagements, Etc., Fought Within the Limits of
the State of Louisiana, 1861-1865, Alphabetically Arranged.

Alabama Bayou,Sept. 20, 1861.

Alexander's Creek,Oct. 5, 1864.

Alexandria,May 6, 1863-April 26, May 13, 1864.

Amite River,June 27-29; July 24, 1862; April 12-17; Sept. 24-29. 1863; July

25, Oct. 2-8, Dec. 12, 1864; March 18-26-29, 1865.

Amite River and Jackson Railroad,March 21-29-May 9-18, 1863.

Ashton,May 1, 1864.

Ashwood Landing,May 1-4, 1864.

Atchafalaya,July 21, Oct. 5, 1864.

Atchafalaya and Bayou Plaquemine,Feby, 12-28, 1863.

Atchafalaya River,Feby, 10-14, June 4, Sept. 8-9-20, 1863; May 30, June 5,

Aug. 25, Sept. 17, Dec. 16-19, 1864.Avoyelles Prairie,May 15, 1864.Barres Landing,April 21, May 21-26, Oct. 21-22 1863.Baton Rouge, La., Jany, 10, 1861; June 7-9, July 27, Aug. 5-20-21, Dec. 17-28,

1862; May 12-13, 1863; Sept. 19, 1863, March, 3-8, Apl 15, May 3, July

3-25-29, 1864; May 8-22, 1865.Bayou Goula,June 19, 1863; Jany, 24, Feby, 14-18, March 23-24, April 21-22,May 9, 1865.

Bayou Sara,Aug. 10-23, 1862; Nov. 9, 1863; Sept. 6-7, Oct. 3-6, 1864.

Bayou Sara Road,May 18-19, 1863.

Bayou Tunica,Nov. 8, 1863.

Beauregard Fort.May 10, Sept. 4, 1863.

Belle Prairie,May 16, 1864.

Belle River,Oct. 22-24, 1864.

Benton's Ferry,July 25, 1864.

Berwick,May 21-26, June 1, 1863; April 26, May 1, 1864.

Berwick Bay(Steamer), Feby. 3, 1863.

Berwick Bay,Nov. 1-6, 1862; June 23, 1863.Bethel Place,April 12th. 13th. 1863.Bisland Fort,April 12th. 13th. 1863; April 12th. 1864.Black Bayou,March 19th. 1864; May 4th. 1865.Black River,Feb. 10th. 14th. May 5th. 1863.Blair's Landing,April 12th. 13th. 1864.Bayou Boeuf,April 22d. 29th, 30th, 1863; May 7th. 1864.Boeuf Bayou Crossing,June 24th. 1863.Bonfuca Bayou,Nov. 21st. 1862; Jan. 31st. Feb. 1st. 1865.Bonnet Carre,Oct. 19th. 1862.Borgne, Lake,Nov. 22d. 1863.Bourbeau Bayou,Nov. 2nd. 3rd. 1865.Boutte Station,Sept. 5th. 1862.Boyce's Bridge,May 14th. 1863.Boyce's Plantation,May 6th. 1864.Brashear City,June 21st. 23d. July 22d. 1863; Feb. 3d. 6th. 1864. April 30th.May 12th. 1865.Breaux Bridge,Apr. 17th. 21st. 1863.Brown's Plantation,May 11th. 1865.Bruin Lake,(See Choetaw Bayou).Bullitt's Bayou,Aug. 24th. Sept. 14th. 1864.Butte-a-la-Rose,April 20th. 1863.Buzzard's Prairie,Nov. 2d. 3rd. 1863.Calcasieu Pass,May 6th. 10th. 1861.Caledonia,May 10th. 1864.

Campti,Mar. 26th, Apr. 4th, 1864.Cane River,April 26th. 27th. 1864.Cane River Crossing,Apr. 23d. 1864.Carrion Crow Bayou,Oct. 14th. 15th. 18th. Nov. 3d. 11th. 18th. 1863.Centerville,Apr. 12th. 13th. May 25th. 1863.Chacahoula,May 3d. 1865.Chacahoula Station,June 24th. 1863.Chemise Bayou,March 24th. 1865.Cheneyville,May 18th. 20th. 1863.Chicotville,April 29th. 30th. 1863.Choctaw Bayou,April 28th. 1863.Clark's Bayou,April 26th. 1863.Clinton,June 3d, 8th. 1863; May 11th, July 17th. 18th. Aug. 23d. 29th. Oct. 5th. 9th Nov. 15th. Dec. 23d. 24th. 1864; March 30th. 1st. 12th. April 2nd.1865.Clinton Roads,May 14th. 1863.Cloutierville,March 29th, 30th. April 22d. 24th. 1864.Columbia,Feb. 4th. 1864.Comite River,Mar. 9th. 10th. May 2d. 1863; Aug. 25th. 1864. Mar. 30th. Apr. 2d. 1865Como Landing,June 15th. 16th. 1864.Concordia,July 22d. 1864.Concordia Bayou,Aug. 5th, 1864.Cotile Landing,Apr. 25th. 1864.Courtableau Bayou,May 22d. 1863.

Covington,July 27th. 1862.Cox's Plantation,July 12th. 13th. 1863.Cross Bayou,July 4th. 1864.Crump's Hill,Apr. 2d. 1864.Cypress Creek,March 8th. 1864.Dallas Station,Dec. 25th. 26th. 1862.David's Ferry,May 1st. 4th. 5th. 1862.Davis' Bend,June 29th. 1864.Davison's Ford,July 17th. 18th. 1864.De Glaize Bayou,May 17th. 18th. 1864.De Large Bayou,May 25th. 27th. 1865.Delhi,Dec. 25th. 26th. 1862.Deloach's Bluff,April 26th. 1864.De Paul Bayou,Apr. 8th. 1864.De Russy Fort,April 23d. 25th. May 4th. 1863. Mar. 14th. 1864.Des Allemands,July 18th. 1863.Des Allemands Bayou,June 20th. 22d. Sept. 4th. 1862.Desert Station,Dec. 10th. 1862.Donaldsonville,Aug. 9th. Sept. 21st. 25th. Oct 25th. 1862. June 28th. Sept. 23d. 1863. Feb. 8th. July 31st. Sept. 4th. 1864. Jan. 19th. 20th. 1865.Doyal's Plantation,Aug. 5th. Nov. 29th. 1863.Dunbar's Plantation,Apr. 7th. 15th. 1863.Dunn's Bayou,May 5th. 1864.Easfern Louisiana,Oct. 2d. 11th. 1864.False River, March19th. 1863.

Fausse Pointe Lake,Sept. 7th. 11th. Nov. 18th. 1864.Fausse River,Sept. 13th. 17th. 1864; Feb. 7th. 10th 1865.Floyd,Aug. 24th. 1863.Fordoche Bayou Road,May 29th. 1864.Franklinton,Feb. 1st. 3d. 1864.French Settlement,Apr. 2d. 5th. 1865.Gentilly's Plantation,Sept. 1st. 1864.Georgia Landing,Oct. 27th. 1862.Gillespie's Plantation,Aug. 4th. 6th. 1864.Goodrich's Landing,June 30th. 1863; Mar. 24th Aug. 28th 31st. 1864.Governor Moore's Plantation,May 1st. 4th. 1864.Graham's Plantation,May 5th. 1864.Grand Bayou,Feb. 14th. 18th. April 2d. 10th 1865.Grand Caillou,April 19th. 25th. 1865.Grand Caillou Bayou,May 8th, 1862; Nov. 19th. 27th 1864.Grand Coteau,Oct. 16th 19th. 1863.

Page 19Grand Ecore,April 3d. 10th. 11th. 16th. 29th. 1864.Grand Lake,Sept. 7th. 11th. 1864.Grand River,Aug Sept. 7th. 11th. 26th. 30th. 1864. Jan. 18th. 19th. 29th. Feb. 7th. 1865.Greensburg,May 1st. 1863; Oct. 5th. 9th. 1864.Greenwell Springs Road,Sept. 19th. Oct. 5th. 1863.Grossetete,Feb. 19th 1864.

Grossetete Bayou,April 2d. June 19th. 1864 Feb 7th. 10th. 1865.Hard Times Landing,April 25th 29th. 1863.Harrisonburg,Sept. 1st. 7th. Sept. 4th. 1863. Mar. 1st. 4th. 1864.Henderson's Hill,Mar. 21st. 1864.Hermitage the,April 2d. 5th. 1865.Hermitage Landing,March 24th. 1863.Hermitage Plantation,Dec. 14th. 1864. Jan. 5th. 1865.Highland Stockade,July 29th. 1864.Hodge's Plantation,Sept. 11th. 1864.Hog Point, Mississippi River,Nov. 18th. 21st. 1863.Houma,May 11th. 18th. 1862.Independence Station,May 15th. 1863.Indian Bayou,Nov. 9th. 1863.Indian Bend,Apl. 13, 1863; March 25-27, 1865

Capture of the Indianola,Feby. 24th. 1863.
Indian Village,Jan. 28th. 1863; Aug. 6, 1864.
Irish Bend,April 14th. 1863.
Jackson,Aug. 3rd. 1863; Mar. 3rd. Oct. 5th. 1864; Mar. 1st-12th. Apl.

12th-13th. 1865.Jackson Fort,Jan. 10th. 1861; Apl. 18th-28th. 1862; Dec. 9th, 1863.Jackson Railroad,May 9th-18th. 1863.James Plantation,April 6th-8th, 1863.Jeanerette,April 14, 1863.Kittredge's Sugar House,Feby. 10, 1865.Labadeville,Oct. 27th. 1862 Sept. 8th. 1864.

Lafourche,July 12th-13th. 1863.Lafourche Crossing,June 10th-21st, 1863.La Fourche District,Oct. 24th, Nov. 6th. 1862.Lake Providence,May 24th. June 28, 1863 May 27, June 9th-24th. 1863 (?).Lake Saint Joseph,April 24th. June 4th. 1863.Lamourie Bayou,May 6th-7th-12th. 1864.Lecompte,May 12, 1864.Liddell Bayou,Oct. 15, 1864.Livingston Port,Apl. 27, 1862.Livonia,May 31, 1864Mc Nutt's Hill,Apl. 26, 1864.Macomb Fort,Jany. 28, 1861.Macon Bayou,May 10, Aug. 24, Sept. 27th-29th, 1863. Aug. 28-31; Nov. 6th-8th, 1864.Mcwilliams Plantation,April 13, 1863.Madisonville,July 27, 1862; Feby. 11, 1864.Magnolia Landing,June 15th-16th. 1864.Manchac Bayou,Oct. 2nd-8th. 1864.Mandeville,Jany. 15th-17th. 1865.Mansfield,April 8th. 1864.Mansura,May 16, 1864.Maringouin Bayou,Sept. 13th-16th. 1864.Marksville Prairie,March 15, May 15th. 1864.Martin's Land,Feby. 15th. 1865.

Merritt's Plantation,May 14th-18th-19th. 1863.Milliken's Bend,Aug. 18th. 1862; June 7th. 25th. 1863.Monett's Ferry,March 29th. 30th. April 23d. 1864.Monroe,Aug. 20th. Sept. 2d. 1863.Moore, Camp,Oct. 5th. 9th. 1864.Moreauville,May 17th. 1864.Morgan's Ferry Road,July 28th. 1864.Morgan's Ferry,Sept. 7th. 20th. 1863; Aug. 25th. Sept. 20th. Dec. 13th. 14th. 1864.Morganza,Sept. 12th. 1863; May 24th. June 4th. (or May 30th) July 28th. Aug. 10th. 12th. Sept. 16th. 25th. Oct. 16th. Nov. 23rd. Dec. 4th. 14th. 1864; Jan. 5th. 12th. 15th. 1865.Morganza Bend,March 12th. 1865.Mound Plantation,May 24th June 24th. 29th. 1863.Mount Pleasant Landing,May 15th. 1864.Napoleonville,May 6th. July 29th. 1864; Feb. 10th. 1865.Natchez Bayou,Aug. 30th. Sept. 2d. 1864.Natchitoches,March 31st. Apr. 5th. 20th. 21st May 5th. 1864.Nelson's Bridge,Oct. 4th. 1863.New Carthage,March 31st. April 17th. 1863.New Iberia,Apr. 18th. Oct. 4th, 1863.New Orleans,Feb. 19th. 1861; Apr. 18th. May 1st. 1862.New Orleans & Jackson Railroad,May 11th. 1863.Newport Crossroads,June 17th. 1864.New River,Sept. 24th. 29th. 1863; Feb. 9th. Oct. 2d. 8th. 1864.New Roads,Jan. 31st. 1865.

Newton,April 16th. 1863Niblett's BluffMay 26th. 29th. 1863.Northeastern Louisiana,Jan. 26th. Feb. 11th. 1865.Old Oaks,May 17th. 18th. 1864.Old River,Feb. 10th. 1863.Olive Branch,Aug. 5th. 25th. 1864.Olive Branch, Bayou,May 3d. 1864.Opelousas,Apr. 17th. 21st. Oct. 20th. 21st. 30th. Nov. 1st. 17th. 1863.Orange Grove,July 31st. 1864.Osyka,Oct. 5th. 9th. 1864.Ouachita River,March 1st. 4th. 1864.Oyster Bayou,March 25th-28th. 1865.Park the,Jany. 26th. Feby. 4th-17th. 22nd, April 2d. 10th. 1865.Pass Manchac,June 17, July 25 Aug. 2. Sept. 13th 15th. 1862; Feby. 8th. 11th.1863.Pattersonvlle,April 11th. 1863; Aug. 2d. 1864.Pearl River,July 25th. Aug. 2d. 1862. Sept. 9th. 12th. 1864.Pearl River Expedition,April 1st, 10th. 1864.Pelton's Plantation,April 19th 25th. 1865.Pest-House,May 28th. 1864.Petite Anse Island,Nov. 21st 22d. 1862.Phelps Bayou,Apl. 26th. 1863.Pierre Bayou,May 2nd. 3rd. 1864.Pigeon Bayou,Sept. 7th 11th. 26th. 30th. 1864; March 20th 22d. 1865.

Pike Fort,Jan. 14th. 1861; April 27th. 1862.
Pineville,April 24th. 1864.
Pin Hook,May 10th. 1865.
Plain's Store Road,May 21st. 23rd. 1863.
Planton Bayou,Jan. 30th. 31st. 1865.
Plaquemine,Dec. 29th 31st. 1862; Jan. 3rd. Apl. 18th. June 18, 1863. August

6th. 1864.
Plaquemine Bayou,Feby. 12th. 28th. April 22d. 23rd. 1863.
Pleasant Grove,April 8th. 1864.
Pleasant Hill,April 7th. 9th. 1864.
Pleasant Hill Landing,April 12th. 13th. 1864.
Point Pleasant,June 25th. 1864.

Ponchatoula,July 5th. 8th. Sept. 13th. 15th. 1862; March 21st. 30th. May 13th.
Pontchartrain,July 25th. Aug. 2nd. 1862; Sept. 13th. Oct. 2nd. 1863.
Portage Bayou,Nov. 23rd. 1863; Nov. 17th, 19th. 1864.

Porter's Plantation,April 13, 1863.
Port Hudson,Aug. 15th. 19th. Sept. 7th. 1862; March 14th. 15th. 17th. May
21st. July 8th. Nov. 30th. 1863; Apl 7th. May 28th. Aug. 29th. 1864.

Pratt Camp,Nov. 20th. 26th. 1863.
Quitman Fort,April 27, 1862.
Raccourci,Nov. 25, 1864.
Rapides Bayou,March 20th. 1864.
Rapides Bayou Bridge,Apl. 26th. 1864.
Ratliff's Landing,June 15th. 1864.

Page 20

Ratliff's Plantation,May 14th. 16th. 1865.Red River,Feb. 10th. 14th. Oct. 1st. 20th. 1863; Apr. 26th. 27th. 1864.Red River Campaign,March 10th. May 22d 1864.Redwood Bayou,May 3d. 1864.Richland Plantation,Jan. 30th. 1865.Richmond,Jan. 29th. Mar. 31st. Apr. 4th. June 6th. 15th. 20th. 1863.Robert Bayou,May 8th. 1864.Roberts' Ford,May 2d. 1863.Rosedale,Feb. 19th. 1863; Sept. 15th. 1864.Sabine Cross Roads,April 8th. 1864.Saint Charles Court House,Aug. 29th. Sept. 7th. 8th. 1862; Oct. 5th. 1864.Saint Francisville,Oct. 5th. 1864.Saint Joseph,Oct. 8th. 1864.Saint Martinsville,Nov. 12th. Dec. 3d. 1863.Saint Philip, Fort,Jan. 10th. 1861; April 18th. 28th, 1862.Saint Vincent Bayou,May 24th. 1865.Saline Bayou,Apr. 14th. 1864.Sicily Island,Sept. 26th. 30th. 1864Simsport,June 3d. 1863; June 8th. July 5th. 7th. 1864.Smith's Plantation,May 16th. 1864.Sorrel Bayou,Jan. 21st. 22d. 1865.Southwest Mississippl & East Louisiana,Oct. 2d. 11th. 1864.Springfield Landing,July 2nd, 1863.Springfield Road,May 23d. 1863.

Stirling's Plantation,Sept. 12th. 29th. 1863.Tallulah,Aug. 19th. 1862.Tchefuncta River,July 25th. Aug. 2d. 1862.Teche Bayou,Jan. 14th. Apr. 12th. 13th. Oct. 3d. 1863; Mar. 21st. 1865.Teche Country,Oct. 3d. Nov. 30th. 1863.Teche Road,May 21st. 26th. 1863.Tensas Bayou,May 9th. Aug. 10th. 1863; July 30th. Aug. 26th. 1864.Thibodeaux,June 30th. 1863.Thompson's Creek,May 25th. 1863; Oct. 5th. 1864.Thompson's Plantation,Jan. 3d. 1865.Tickfaw Bridge,May 16th. 1863.Trinity,Sept. 2d. Nov. 15th. 16th. 1863; May 1st. 4th. 1864.Tunica Bayou,Nov. 8th. 1863.Tunica Bend,Nov. 8th. 1863, April 21st. 1864.Vermillion Bayou,April 17th. Oct. 9th. 10th. Nov. 11th. 25th. 30th. 1863.Vermillion,Nov. 5th. 8th. 1863.Verret Lake,Jan. 30th 31st. Feby. 10th. 13th. Apl. 2d. 10th. May 23rd. 1865.Vidalia,Sept. 14th. Nov. 15th. 16th. 1863; Feby. 7th. July 22d. Oct. 26th.

27th. 1864.Wall's Bridge,May 1st. 1863.Washington,April 10th. Oct. 24th. 31st. 1863.Waterloo,June 16th. 1863; Oct. 20th. 1864.Waterproof,Jan. 29th. Feby. 23rd. Apr. 20th. Sept. 26th. 30th. 1864.Well's Plantation,May 2d. 6th. 1864.Whiskey Bayou,Jany. 16th. 18th. 1865.

Williams Bridge,May 1st. 1863.
Williamsport,Sept. 16th. Nov. 25th. 1864.
Wilson's Landing,May 2d. 14th. 1864.
Wilson's Plantation near Pleasant Hill,April 7th. 1864.
Wood Fort,Apl. 27th. 1862.
Yellow Bayou,May 17th. 18th. 1864.
York Plantation,Oct. 26th. 27th. 1864.
Young's Point,June 7, 1865.
Nearly all of these were but skirmishes, but a brief history of each compiled

and published in these volumes will be of great historical value. And such a history is due the men, and the commands, that participated in these engagements.

Alphabetical Roll of Such Official Records of the Individual Confederate Soldier, as are to be found in United States Records, and State Official Rolls.